Automatic Links, nofollow, Site Links, SEO & Metadata, Content Links

You can control all of the link attributes from one Joomla extension. Create and configure external and internal link rules sitewide. It can be handy if you want to improve your Joomla on site SEO like adding nofollow attribute for your old nonSEF internal links or you can add noopener for all of your external links etc. The rules you can set up are fully orderable.


  • Compatible with Joomla 3 and Joomla 4

  • Works with the following attributes: alternate, author, bookmark, external, help, license, next, nofollow, noreferrer, noopener, prev, search, tag, ugc, sponsored

  • With Matches feature you can validate a rule only for the selected URL, or on the contrary, you can validate the rule for all the links, except the selected URL

  • Suitable for external and internal links as well

  • Internal links can be given in several ways. It supports regex rules as well

  • NonSEF links can be also specified with a REGEX rule

  • Javascript and PHP engines are both supported however we are highly recommend to use php engine

  • With JS engine CSS selection is supported

Chjoom FAQpage

Chjoom FAQpage

By Cloudhoreca Kft.
Question & Answers
Displaying Frequently Asked Questions on a website is always useful. You can easily draw attention to your content if it is structured in a Q&A. People tend to spend less and less time on a website so aggregating information to them with questions can build trust and serve their needs. As a matter of fact you can increase your Joomla SEO via signaling FAQPage schema type to the search engines. In...
Chjoom AdminNotes

Chjoom AdminNotes

By Cloudhoreca Kft.
With the AdminNotes extension you can place custom content from your articles on the administrator interface. The content pops up on a previously assigned admin view. You can place images, embedded videos, text in it mostly for displaying some kind of documentation or manual to your fellow admin users. This comes handy especially when your Joomla site is quite large and there are custom developed...


By Cloudhoreca Kft.
With LiveSession plugin you will be able to specify what sessions you want to record with LiveSession online analytics tool. You can customize what user groups, components, categories or menu items you want to record. Features: Easy integration of LiveSession services into Joomla website Smart configuration of LiveSession recordings Opportunity to record email address and username of logged i...
Chjoom Virtuemart Reorder

Chjoom Virtuemart Reorder

By Cloudhoreca Kft.
VirtueMart extensions
Features: Product re-ordering and cancellation possibilities based on Virtuemart order statuses Easy Re-order and Cancel button generation Button label override directly from the plugin (suitable for monolingual sites) Button label override from Language override (suitable for multi-lingual sites) Customizing button appearance by adding CSS classes Category ID exclusion from re-ordering Product...

Chjoom Rel Link

Cloudhoreca Kft.
Last updated:
May 25 2022
4 months ago
Date added:
Jan 21 2022
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System