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Are you ready to do SEO for Joomla? Get this Joomla SEO extension today and save up to 95% of the time doing Joomla SEO!
Iseo is the best Joomla Seo extension offers you to manage Joomla articles metadata, SEO stats, keywords linking, monitor keywords with support for popular Joomla extensions.

  • Joomla Meta Tags Manager
  • Joomla On-Page Optimization easily
  • Joomla Keywords Monitoring on Google

iJoomla SEO is the ultimate solution for optimizing your Joomla site for search engines. It allows you to:

  • Cut your SEO time by 95%
  • Manage all your meta tags in one convenient page
  • Monitor your keywords/phrases on Google
  • Mark important keywords as "Sticky" to monitor them easily
  • Check and fix keywords saturation
  • Create automatic anchor links for specific keywords
  • Wrap keywords with bold, strong or underline tags
  • Add an Alt tag automatically to images
  • Create redirects
  • Add HTML heading to Joomla CSS classes
  • Integration with JomSocial, EasyBlog, k2, Kunena, Zoo, EasySocial, Gridbox *Special Frontend Page scan feature. *Keyword Linking *Alt title for images


Every page of iJoomla SEO backend has a link to a video tutorial, you don't need to read long manuals, even though we do provide a comprehensive manual.

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iJoomla SEO also comes with a comprehensive Joomla SEO course:

ISeo Extension available in two versions :
Free and Pro:

The Best

Posted on 25 April 2015
The best
Ease of use
smooth integration
smooth integration
Value for money
I used this to: glossary component

Bad extension

Posted on 02 June 2014
The extension is very buggy when you try edit metatags, sometimes UI don't show your metatags (but you can find your metatags in database). You wukk never update software (only if you pay and pay again the full price for update) and keyword linking works only with joomla articles.
Owner's reply: This is NOT a known bug, it's being used by thousands of users who don't have this bug. If you open a support ticket we can help you figure it out, could be some incompatibility issue, but we will have to have a look.


Posted on 30 October 2013
A must have for Joomla business websites. If used correctly, this extension can increase Google listings over 100%. I can not recommend this extension enough. I am only sorry that I waited so long to purchase and use it.


Posted on 21 May 2013
A full evaluation of the extension should be very hard and long as this extension is one of the best I ever seen in Joomla. But a few words should be that meets fully my expectations. The courtesy and honesty of the owner of the extension are high. The Level of support received is magnific and supported by tickets system. It's very easy to use and very entertaining and fun. The videos by Merav Knafo really understandable and enjoyable
Owner's reply: I really appreciate you taking the time to post such a great review! Thanks for using iJoomla SEO!

Merav, CEO,
This was my first purchase from iJoomla and based on my experience here, I quickly purchased a second (iJoomla Ad Agency). Both products are substantial extensions and both were developed with tremendous attention to detail. They work well and the training (written and video) is exceptional. Our site is new, but we have quickly made progress with the search engines thanks to iJoomla SEO. The product not only works well, but a lot of the training provides basic SEO knowledge and then applies that knowledge directly within the iJoomla SEO product. This really is an excellent SEO tool.
I see the benefits this has to offer out of the box, especially for a large website. If you're building a new website that's smaller, you still may benefit from this. The average developer certainly should get this tool without a doubt. I give it one star off only because someone like me who only handles one small site with meta data and keywords already in place may not see as many advantages as the average developer would. The developer clearly cares about the product being developed which shows throughout. I'd highly recommend this to any developer or site owner.
This is my first time to write a review here. This extension is really good. It's functionality works great and the support from their CEO is fast. Although I have encountered problem due to a server timeout that prevents php file from installation. Merav was there. At first she don't want to help us coz she want he ticket but I'm thankful coz she decide to help us.
Owner's reply: Thanks for the good review. It's not that we didn't want to help you, but you submitted a sales ticket and not a support ticket, and the ticket you submitted had with no information about the problem nor access to your account, so we had to request you submit a support ticket with full information so that we can login and see what the problem is and help you. Either way, I am happy that the issue was resolved to your satisfaction and we are always here to help if you need us.
Like many others, I don't do a lot of reviews and I don't use a lot of extensions that you have to pay for but this tools just makes life so much easier when it comes to fine tuning a joomla website for search engine optimization. It can take a while to add all the keywords to all your site's pages if you have a large site that you never optimized before but this tool makes an unmanageable VERY manageable. I bought it and I really do like it!
I don't leave reviews very often but I felt compelled to write one for this product.

I have hundreds of articles and more than 100 menu items. Do you have an idea how long it would take to get all the meta data in, create internal and external links, check that all images have an ALT tag, stylize the keywords by bolding them or underlining them etc? For ever! I've done 95% of that work within 2 hours!!

I was hesitant in buying it because of the price but since they have a 90 days refund policy, I thought I'd give it a try.

I honestly believe it is worth every cents!

Fair enough, it doesn't have all the features to please everyone. But when it comes to creating the metadata for articles and menus, linking to internal and external content automatically, creating missing alt tags for images, it is absolutely brilliant! It is fast and simple to set, and it works!

Thank you so much for this component!
nice extension but you missing graphical presentation

1)developer is very lazy and he want to do work in less time u save 95% work but u never focus on graphical dahboard.

when i going to admin panel i always prefer to see may site rank in simpl e graphical dashboard .that rssco and sh404SEF .

2)very high cost compared to any sco product. if ijoomla sco finish my work in 5 and other sco extension 9 day

i prefer other sco product than ijoomla

because i save my 110$ or100$

i just want to say price is tooo high and some feature is missing

but overall rating is good
Owner's reply: Thanks for the feedback! As for the comment about the price, iJoomla SEO is the only SEO extension that:

1. Comes with a full Joomla SEO video course, a $160 value, free

2. Well documented, with video tutorials on each feature, full manual and tooltips on each field

3. Does a lot more and better than the rest.

4. Comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. If you don't think it's worth the price, you can ask for a refund.

We think that this quality tool is worth the price, but of course it's up to each one to decide :)
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