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JomSocial is an award-winning, powerful, social networking component for Joomla! It allows you to create your own Social Network with Photo and Video Gallery, Event Management, groups, poll, Activity Stream and other features that work out of the box. There is no better or more powerful community extension for Joomla!

JomSocial is designed to quickly build your member base and let them engage in social activities such as making new friends, voicing out opinions, sharing pictures and videos, managing events, or even launching a social revolution.

JomSocial has hundreds of extensions from third-party developers that add more features to your social network and make it unique. This includes paid membership, file uploader, music player, chat system, and translation file for various languages.

Don't wait further to experience the best social network built for your site.

JomSocial Key features:
- JomSocial is Joomla 4 Ready
- Fully Responsive activity stream
- Friendship system with Hashtag and mentioned support.
- Event Management to manage community activities.
- Media sharing with photos and videos gallery.
- Group and Discussions provide a customized level of sharing.
- Pages expand your business and interact with your fans.
- Private communication with friends via live chat messages.
- Colorful Postbox to post updates, photos, videos and events, poll, location, moods.
- Real-Time On-site notification.
- Multi profile with custom profile fields.
- Support Joomla ACL
- Integrations with Amazon S3
- location sharing with Google map and OpenStreetMap integration
- Dedicated JomSocial Themes and Templates.

3rd party extension Integration:
- Integration with Joomla articles
- Integration with Guru LMS extension
- Integration with Publisher Pro
- Integration with AdAgency Pro
- Integration with Kunena
- Integration with JFBConnect by Sourcecoast

Take a Product tour for a lot more features detail:

Free Themes and Templates with JomSocial Pro
- default theme
- JS Flat Theme
- JS Kikiriki Theme
- JS Column Theme
- JS Shadow Theme
- Socialize JomSocial Joomla template
- JA Mood Joomla template
- JA Social II Joomla template


Version 4.9.2: New features, improvements & bugfixes
- Support new captchas when register: hcaptcha, cloudflare captcha
- Only friendly can send message
- Change way to get twitter feed of plugin twitter
- Filter by category: support filter multi category
- Fix compatible issues on joomla 5
- Fix multiple issues on php 8.2
- Fix latest photos doesn't show on profile
- Fix bug could not delete user from backend
- Fix apps does not load on user profile page
- Fix field 'params' does not have a default value

Version 4.9.1: Bugfix
- Fix notification params was not saved

Version 4.9.0: Improvements & bugfixes
- Updated JomSocial to provide full support and compatibility with the latest Joomla 5 version
- Updated and improved the visual presentation of profiles and event categories views
- Improved style for different views in JomSocial
- Fixed filter by member name
- Fixed missing params "uploadextensions" on J4
- Fixed PHP 8.2 compatibility issues
- Addressed an issue related to tab functionalities
- Fixed utf8

Version 4.8.3: Improvements & bugfixes
- Auto play gifs on feed
- Update twitter emoji cdn
- Change way to hide joomla 4 sidebar on backend
- Show dynamic content on mod polls
- Fix could not see pending user at backend
- Fix slow loading when turn on gravatar
- Fix gender search not work
- Fix crawl link info crash comment box
- Fix cloud not unlike a photo
- Fix could not delete categories at backend
- Fix location field error on j4
- Fix some warning on php8
- Fix show default tab on profile view

Version 4.8.2: Bugfixes
- Enable My Article Plugin put site down
- More compatible with php 8.0
- Report a page option missing Lanuage value
- More improvements and enchaned
- Undefined Error on Reporting a User Profile
- Fix incorrectly save location value with unicode value
- Style fixes in the main stream posts
- Appy time format 12h/24h to event and poll composer on postbox
- Missing Language values in core JS modules with J4
- Add link review pending invitation to email that send to admin
- Remove border from poxtbox when write Text
- Fix backend notification dropdown not work on j4
- Change Cover image option not working
- Fix missing toolbar icon on member search view
- Need confirm before changing tab on postbox if status tab has content
- Update fb login button to new api
- Fix could not delete page category on j4
- Fix feed filter by hash tag broken
- Fix member filter bar issue
- Fix create recurring event error on j4
- Missing Language values in application
- Uploading multiple photos freezes the postox

BUGGY!! Their support forum is filled with errors, but the staff hides critical comments about their products.
Ease of use
Not customizable, but for $1,200 their team will help you. Yes, I got that from their staff who tried to swindle me to get help setting up.
They have one excuse after another as to why their products don't work with Joomla 4. They hide people's complaints in the forum.
Out of date. Even tutorials done by customers are not current. Joomla 4 messed up their products, and they lied about when they would fix.
Value for money
Waste of money. It took them more than 5 months to try to fix Guru, then they tell me too much time went buy so I'm not entitled to refund.
I used this to: My platform is based on courses, so Guru was a must, and the reason I purchased JomSocial was to have a community with the courses. Joomlart staff put out a buggy Guru so I asked for my money back, and they said pick from their other products. Guru is their only option!

Excellent Social Network

Posted on 22 February 2022
Excellent, many many add-ons available (don't use only JED to find them but google search too...), i use this extension since 8 years
Ease of use
You install it and it works without issue. Sometimes i ask to my dev to make some changes but no big issues
Many Joomla developpers have used this extension during the last years. Support isn't good after the buying back of ijoomla by joomlart.
Good, Some changes were made, doc are old but you can find what you need (in jomsocial or in the web)
Value for money
Excellent. installation is really simple and you can use it in many orojects
I used this to: Role Playing Social Network and Pictures Social Network. I use Easysocial too in some others site (for modern display) but i really like this extension because of all add-ons!
Easy to handle the configurations, Each section is well set for a new person to setup.
Ease of use
Found it difficult at first day but after playing for some time its on my hands very user friendly like Facebook
Support is very fast and my issue got resolved on the same day. Most of issue already solved in other users threads so sometime its better
Documentation is long but bit outdated now. need more details and updates
Value for money
Found it value for money if you are looking to built a social community for your area.
I used this to: I am using it on my E learning site for teacher and students community.

Don't Buy!!!

Posted on 18 September 2020
It's NOT customizable, you cannot change the structure of the site, you can only take what they give you and change the pretty colors
Ease of use
Extremely difficult to use - even to change the headline, you need coding skills
AWFUL support - they take 24 hours to answer even the smallest issue
Typically their response is look at this documentation
poorly detailed documentation and not up-to-date
and even if you follow instructions step-by-step, they don't always work
Value for money
0 value
the right price for this should be free because it offers no usable customization unless you just want to duplicate their site
I used this to: I don't use it any more. after wasting my time for a week, i saw that there is NO WAY to implement my project with them. I tried asking for my money back, but they don't do that -> they stole my money.
i am using community builder now and i am HAPPY!
Owner's reply: Hi
Sorry to hear that, As per refund policy if it does not fall in a refund, we can help you to fix the issue, we checked our system and there is no membership found on your name. If you really have the extension membership I suggest you post the issue on the official forum.

I would look some....

Posted on 12 December 2019
It looks like Facebook. It probably functions like one with the ability to login using your facebook account.
Ease of use
Easy to install but not user friendly to configure for somebody that is new to creating a website.
Value for money
I would not recommend it. Be careful before you get this extension as it is pretty much locked in. There are others that are better.
I used this to: Supposedly to organize events and make it easy to view for members.
Amazing functionality with tons of features support. a combination of all feature that required to built community.
Ease of use
I am using it for 7 years and till now no issue noticed if you know basic Joomla it's very easy to use platform.
Support is pretty fast now, compared to older days, impress with bug fixing, as it took 24 hours my bug got fixed.
Documentation is good, but need to be improved more with time. as new features added with time.
Value for money
Must value for money with trustable developers. Its combination of all social needs.
I used this to: I am using this for an education platform for teachers and students and parents to meet at one place.
With groups, events and pages feature my needs are mostly complete.
Owner's reply: Thank you :)
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