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Smart Slider 3 by Nextend is the perfect slider solution for Joomla, that contains 4 slider types and is totally responsive. Create beautiful sliders & animated blocks with the next generation visual editor. Awesome sliders, no compromises! Smart Slider 3 is the top rated slider extension for Joomla with more than 900.000 satisfied users.


Smart Slider 3 is a brand new and intuitive Joomla extension to create sliders which was never possible before with any slider extensions. Besides that Smart Slider gives you the tool to create YouTube and Vimeo slides, create slides from your Joomla articles. Even more it has a complete easy-to-use slide editor with different layers. Don't hesitate install the Smart Slider 3 and enjoy the next generation Joomla experience.


  • User-friendly Editor - Anyone can build with Smart Slider. The interface comes with drag&drop builder and live preview.
  • Totally integrated with Joomla - module, shortcode and ACL
  • Fully responsive and touch friendly - Sliders can be enjoyed in any environment, be it a mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • 4 slider types - Simple slider, Showcase slider, Carousel slider and Block type. You can create whole landing pages easily with blocks.
  • Dynamic Slides - Available sources are listed below
  • Customizable controls - Arrows, Bullets, Autoplay, Indicator, Bar, Thumbnails, Shadows, Full screen and custom HTML
  • Slide backgrounds - Lot of super smooth background animations and Ken Burns effect
  • Layers - Build unique design with varied layers: Image, Heading, Text, Button, Vimeo, YouTube, Input, List, Icon, Caption, Transition, Iframe, HTML5 video, Audio, Counter, Circle counter, Progress bar, Image box, Animated heading, Highlighted heading, HTML and Area
  • Font and Style manager system - Change easily all the details that really matter in typography and style.
  • Powerful layer animation system to give layers motion and transitions. The possibilities of what you can build are endless. Even more you can create different type of layer animations: In, Loop and Out
  • In-built lightbox
  • Complete detailed documentation
  • Tutorial videos -
  • Sample sliders - more than 100 sliders to start


Generate sliders from external sources. Add dynamic content to each slide such as:

Joomla specific generators: Joomla articles, K2 items, Ignite Gallery, EasyBlog posts, Phoca Gallery, redSHOP products, VirtueMart products, Joomshopping products, MijoShop products, EasyDiscuss, Eshop, HikaShop, JEvents, Flexicontent, RSEvents, Event Booking.
Social generators: Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo.
Other generators: Images from folder, RSS generator, Text/CSV generator


We are committed to top-notch customer support because we know if you have problem with Smart Slider 3, you need a solution as soon as possible.


  • Create a new project or start one of our templates
  • Import and Export sliders
  • Intuitive slide creation: choose images, select Joomla Article or create a blank canvas
  • Static overlays
  • Dynamic slides - use different dynamic sources for the same slider
  • YouTube, Vimeo and Video slides
  • Bulk actions for slides - delete, duplicate, publish and unpublish
  • Publish slider with module, shortcode or PHP
  • Touch Swipe, scroll, keyboard navigation
  • Auto, full-width and full page responsive layout
  • Optimized for any screen sizes and touch devices
  • 5 Slide switching animations: Horizontal, Vertical, Fade, Crossfade and No animation
  • More than 30 Slide background animations: Scale to left, Zoom, Fade, Curtain to left, Puzzle, Scale to top, Scale to bottom, Curtain to bottom, Curtain to top and much more
  • Autoplay configurations
  • Add different slider controls and change the styles and positions
  • Slider controls: Arrows, Bullets, Autoplay, Indicator, Bar, Thumbnails, Shadows, Full screen - design your own or use pre-set
  • SEO and script optimized
  • Export slider as HTML
  • Hardware Accelerated 2D and 3D Transforms
  • Slide link: Choose your post or page to create permalinks to articles
  • Slide background image with transparent color overlay
  • 5 Slide background image fill mode: Fill, Fit, Stretch, Center and Tile
  • 22 Layers: Image, Heading, Text, Button, Vimeo, YouTube, Input, List, Icon, Caption, Transition, Iframe, HTML5 video, Audio, Counter, Circle counter, Progress bar, Image box, Animated heading, Highlighted heading, HTML and Area
  • Visual slide editor with zoom and desktop, tablet and mobile modes
  • Undo and redo in slide editor
  • Default positioning for responsive content
  • Absolute positioning for decorative elements
  • Advanced layer snap in visual slide editor
  • Adaptive layer font sizing
  • Layer aligning: left, center, right, top, bottom
  • Layer sizing: fixed and auto adjusted
  • Layer cropping: visible, hidden and scroll
  • Hide layers on specific devices
  • Slide thumbnail image
  • Layer animation builder
  • Live Timeline
  • Built-in lightbox
  • Popular effects: Ken Burns, Parallax, Particle and Shape divider
  • Slide background image optimization and lazy loading
  • Premium support
This extension offers dozens and dozens of built-in themes to make updating and launching fast, fun, and easy!
Ease of use
Pick a theme, change the text, video, or animation, publish to module or article with ease.
They are fast, spot on, and courteous. What more can you ask for?
Docs are not needed as it's as simple as pick a theme, change what and how you want it to look, and publish!
Value for money
More expensive extension as it's per site, but honestly well worth it. They offer multi-site discounts and it's nice to reward developers!
I used this to: Hero video sliders, home page post sliders, article rotators, and page headers. SmartSlider3 allows each website to have its own unique look and feel. Truly, one of the finest Joomla 4/5 extensions available today.

Still the best

Posted on 01 January 2024
Way more functionality than most people would need. Haven't really come across something I couldn't do with it.
Ease of use
It's easy to use considering the scope of what you can do with it. Beginners could easily get overwhelmed.
Haven't had much need over the years, but when I did, it was fast, professional, and efficient.
Like the product, it's extensive, and if you happen not to find something, the support is great.
Value for money
One of the best components I ever bought, and considering how long I've been using it, the value for money is ridiculous.
I used this to: I've been using SmartSlider for page headers, complete home pages, custom page parts, product showcases, custom animations, and more. When I think I've seen it all, something tends to prove me wrong, and SmartSlider's up to the task.
The Slider offers a lot of Features and Animations - The Slider offers a lot of Features and Animations - The Slider offers a lot of Feature
Ease of use
It's not easy to use - it depends on what you want to achieve but the support is fast and very helpful and detailled.
Excellent User support. I wanted to pay for solving a specific layout but they just gave me step by step instructions to solve it myself.
Documentation is great but hard to find specific things. Not the fault of the Documentation you cant just describe every possible layout.
Value for money
Awesome value for money Awesome value for money Awesome value for money
I used this to: Animated Slideshows in a Header Position Animated Slideshows in a Header Position Animated Slideshows in a Header Position

Just works

Posted on 15 June 2022
This slider has all what I need to let my imagination loose and make great sliders.
Ease of use
Yes it is easy and all functions are well explained so that we can make the best of it..
I just needed support once for my custom project and it was exellent.
Well documented and explained and strangelly up to date comparing others :)
Value for money
Worth every penny I gave for this extention. Well done and keep it up.
I used this to: I use this for creating slider on home page and various blocks I needed for my website.
Toutes les fonctions de bas d'un slider + des fonctions avancées.
Ease of use
Très facile à utilisé, intuitif, vraiment top, les menus sont clairs, et en plus, déjà traduit dans ma langue.
Value for money
J'ai prix pour l'instant la version free, suffisante pour mon projet de simple image slider, mais il est certain que je vais acheter la pro.
I used this to: Pour l'instant utilisé pour une galerie d'images en slider avec miniatures. Mais sera utile en version pro pour mes projets plus complexes de slider.

Nice and easy slider

Posted on 19 December 2021
After testing the free version, switched to the PRO version. Many nice options to build the attractive slider I was looking for.
Ease of use
Rather easy too use, one quickly gets the hang of it. You can use the multiple examples or start from scratch.
Extensive documentation. Lots of articles with pictures, sometimes videos.
Value for money
Great value for money for me. A standard licence is valuable for one domain only, allthough you can also activate it on your local server.
I used this to: Untill now I have only used on a J 3 website. Haven't tested on J4

Great Slideshow extension

Posted on 14 December 2020
Ken burns effect, snow effect and network particles. These are my favorite features. It's really smart!
Ease of use
Extension is based on drag & drop. So it's really fast and easy.
Regular updates and great website. I think support is at good level.
In change log section you can find what's in next version. that's a great idea.
Value for money
Buy once and you have Lifetime Updates & Support. that's really nice.
I used this to: Some commercial websites that needs interactive and eye-catching user interface!


Posted on 04 December 2020
That's exactly what i needed for, a simple and fully customizable slider
Ease of use
Click and customize, a large variety of ready-to-go presets, excellent.
No needed so far, I'm doing all by my self. It's very simple and there is a lot of documentation
Great one, there are doc pages and even video tutorials, so it's perfect for me
Value for money
100% worth the money. You have the Joomla! and Wordpress version both, so it's a great deal.
I used this to: my Joomla! and Wordpress site in header section to show main content, promotions and so on
It's a good extension but does not work with Ecwid any longer. THe reason I purchased it was for that one reason.
Ease of use
I found it easy to set up and deploy when it worked with Ecwid. Sadly, it no longer supports that software.
Value for money
I had purchased this extension with the expressed use with Ecwid and six months after it went live, ceased to function in the manner I neede
I used this to: *Used* it for displaying Ecwid products on the front page of a website dedicated to rug hooking

Smart Slider Pro

Posted on 05 April 2020
The amount of functionality built into this slider is amazing. You can display photographic images & articles in a multitude of ways.
Ease of use
In its basic form its very easy to use, but if you want to use some of the deeper functionality then it gets rather complex.
Excellent. Responses to e-mailed queries, etc. were responded to very quickly.
There is an awful lot of documentation which sometimes doesn't quite cover what you're looking for, but e-mail help is quickly there.
Value for money
For the amount of functionality provided by this component, it is very much value for money.
I used this to: Showing image work produced by members of a photographic society.

Smart Slider

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