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The SchuWeb Birthday Module is formaly known as Kunena Birthday Module. It's now independent to the Kunena API and can be used without having Kunena installed in your Joomla!. That means, that you can use the module with Community Builder or JomSocial without Kunena. This feature was asked many times and now here it is.

The SchuWeb Birthday Module shows up the birthdays of your users. You can setup how much, how far in future to show. You can totally adjust the module after your wishes. You can create your own template for the module. How the string looks like you can change in the language file or with Joomla own overwrite feature.

You can choose between different user linkings: profile, mail or forum thread.

When you choose forum thread, it will automatically create a forum topic when a user have birthday with a predefined subject, category, botname and botid.

With the option mail it sends an e-mail instead creating a forum topic.

It works also with JS and CB.

See github for changes.

Integrates seamlessly with on Kunena and particularly with Community Builder. It should also be listed under specific extensions for CB.
Ease of use
Extremely easy... I installed and configured it for CB, all within 5 minutes and it worked like a charm... The developer is awesome...
The best support is when it's not needed at all... I did not need any
Perfectly understandable even to a Joomla beginner
I used this to: An old student community Joomla 3.4 website with Community Builder 2.1 and the site has close to 1000 members.


Posted on 28 October 2012
Worked perfectly, and the issue I had was my own making, the developer showed me what I needed to fix in a few minutes and now its running as intended. 5 Stars!
We do run a J2.5 site with latest community builder and a kunena forum. So we were looking for a Kunena Birthday Posting generator that would be able to use a specific community builder user as author.

The module can do just that! Easy to install, works perfectly fine with useful options to configure.

Our community is very happy with the birthday reminders and encourages them to post their own greetings.

When I did have a question I contacted the developer on his website and got an instant reply - not only with a solution but my "ideas" where noted as "feature requests".

The developer is most definitely making the Joomla world a better place.

Thank you! A+ for "Birthday for Kunena".

Excellent addition

Posted on 21 February 2012
This is a very nice addition to our site. It integrates nicely into CB, Kunena and J, and uses info from whichever of these sources to list birthdays.

Several formats available, and with or without graphics.

Great Module !

Posted on 21 February 2012
This is one of the best Modules you can get for Kunena!

Setting up this Module is very easy, I had mine up and running in less than 3 mins!

Support for this Module is great too! You can get all your questions answered by the Developer of this Module in very reasonable time.

If you have Kunena this is a must have! And just like "prilly" mentioned, it automatically creates a post on your forum of choice with your account id of choice as well. So if you have a forum dedicated to nothing but B-days you can have that post automatically created by your Staff Account.

Once again, great Module, great support, a MUST HAVE! download it now!
This is a GREAT module for Kunena, and works with the latest 1.6 version! The module announces birthdays in the Sidebar (or wherever you plant the mod.)

It also does a very neat trick: it can post a Birthday announcement in a forum. This is an optional feature, and it's easy to setup: you just enter the ID number of the forum you wish to use. I tested this feature and it works. Wow, this is a big help for web owners and forum administrators!

Thank you for a very nice Kunena extension!
SchuWeb Sitemap

SchuWeb Sitemap

By Sven Schultschik
Site Map
A lightweight sitemap generator for you Joomla! website. Since version 3.4 SchuWeb Sitemap ist compatible with Joomla! 3 and Joomla! 4. Features HTML sitemap with menu item on frontend XML sitemap News sitemap Image sitemap Setup as many sitemaps as you want Support for: com_content Weblinks Newsfeed Zoo by Yootheme Kunena (J3) SobiPro (J3) VirtueMart (J3)...


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KaTeX - LaTeX for Kunena

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SchuWeb Sitemap Zoo

SchuWeb Sitemap Zoo

By Sven Schultschik
Site Map
This is the Zoo by Yootheme integration for the SchuWeb Sitemap extension, which generates sitemaps for your Joomla! website. The main component can be found here on the JED and on the linked download page....

SchuWeb Birthday

Sven Schultschik
Last updated:
May 01 2021
1 year ago
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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