Events Management, Events Calendars, Events Registration, Calendars & Events, Events

Events Management extension with a calendar module.
Cross-plaform J3 / J4
Available in more 40 languages, iCagenda has a responsive and flexible design, with a theme pack installer inside.

  • Period events (start and end date and selection of weekdays) and/or single dates and time
  • Contact information (email, phone, address, venue...)
  • Frontend Search Filters
  • Frontend submission form
  • Registration to events with options
  • Event Cancellation feature to inform your visitors of events cancelled.
  • Privacy explicit consents for Personal Data are stored in database (comply to GDPR REGULATION (EU) 2016/679)
  • Support for Joomla Privacy Tools Suite (plugins ActionLog and Privacy)
  • Export to csv file of a list of registrations (with admin filters and options so that you could export data by event, date and/or user)
  • Simple mass email for registered users to a specific event
  • Back-end Advanced ACL Access Permissions.
  • Front-end buttons: Print and Add to Calendar (iCal, Google, Yahoo, Outlook calendars)
  • Checkbox Terms and Conditions option for submission and registration forms (default text, article or custom url. Consent to terms is stored).
  • Custom Fields (types: text, list, radio buttons, url, email...) for registration and event forms.
  • Create individual registration form with flexibility for any event.
  • Feature Icons : create icon for a specific feature.
  • You can also insert a Map using OpenStreetMaps or Google Maps (embed or javascript API), an image and an attached file.
  • The description of the event is using your favorite editor (possibilities to add video, media...).
  • Multiple options to do more...

Display of events takes the form of a list, for which you can apply filters (upcoming dates and/or past, category(ies), ordering by dates...) and customize graphic elements (choice of theme, number events displayed per page, date format in your culture (for languages available in iCagenda), etc ...)

The Theme Manager allows you to use your own theme pack for iCagenda and install it easily via the component.
Two Themes are included in iCagenda : default and ic_rounded.

iCagenda Free includes:
- Component iCagenda
- Library iC Library
- Module iC calendar
- Plugin Search
- Plugin Action Log
- Plugin Privacy
- Plugin Installer
- Plugin Quickicon
- Plugin Autologin
- Plugin iC Library

iCagenda Pro includes:
Free core features +
- Module iC Event List
- Plugin Payment by PayPal
- Plugin Smart Search
- Event frontend edition
- Versioning for categories and events (J4)

Available in more 40 languages (other in process) :
Afrikaans (South Africa), Arabic (Unitag), Basque (Spain), Bulgarian (Bulgaria), Catalan (Spain), Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Croatian (Croatia), Czech (Czech Republic), Danish (Denmark), Dutch (Netherlands), English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Esperanto, Estonian (Estonia), Faroese (Faroe Islands), Finnish (Finland), French (Canada), French (France), Galician, German (Germany), Greek (Greece), Hungarian (Hungary), Italian (Italy), Japanese (Japan), Latvian (Latvia), Lithuanian (Lithuania), Luxembourgish (Luxembourg), Macedonian (Macedonia), Norwegian Bokmål (Norway), Persian (Iran), Polish (Poland), Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian (Romania), Russian (Russia), Serbian (latin), Slovak (Slovakia), Slovenian (Slovenia), Spanish (Spain), Swedish (Sweden), Thai (Thailand), Turkish (Turkey), Ukrainian (Ukraine), ...

You can use this version 3.8 of iCagenda joomla 3.10 > 4.x
It is a cross-platform version.

Alles Super

Posted on 13 August 2023
Es ist leicht zu bedienen und es funktioniert super. Eine leichte Installation ist wie immer möglich und die Konfiguration ist leicht.
Ease of use
Ganz leichte Bedienung und eine schnelle Einarbeitung in die Komponente sind möglich.
Es lässt sich im Handumdrehen installieren.
I used this to: Anzeigen von Events im Bundesland Bayern in Deutschland. Alle Events sind super leicht erklärt und es gibt sehr hohen Response
Tienes que saber algo de código para editar plantillas. Y desde el punto de vista de cliente que usa el backoffice es ràpido funciona bien.
Ease of use
uso sencillo y simple pero perfecto. Es muy intuitivo y se maneja bien. Y muestra todo lo que quieres
Lo mejor, sin duda. Rápido y dispuesto a investiguar cualquier consulta que hagas que crea que puedan mejorar el producto.
Tal vez lo más pobre, pero al ser intuitivo se aprende rapido. Una ayuda para principiantes haría que muchos decubrieran lo bueno ques es
I used this to: Para mis webs, de mis amigos, para clientes y lo utilizo para eventos e información de cursos
quick and easy to add events with multiple, non consecutive, days
this was the only add-in that I could find that could do this easily
Ease of use
very quick to install, very easy to use, clean interface with several language packs
I used this to: clients that organise events that need to display them on their site and collect registrations


Posted on 16 July 2022
We have been using iCagenda for the past 6 years and we are so happy with it! It has multiple language versions, components and functions.
Ease of use
Our clients who post the events and offers from frontend, find the system quick, intuitive and easy to use.
System perfectly meet the needs
With every update comes the progress as the product constantly improves. The support of
ICagenda´s owner is always prompt and efficient.
All issues after updates have always been addressed immediately and
executed without delay.
I used this to: We have never had a problem so
I can only recommend it! It is the top product with the top service...
A peu près complet pour un usage non commercial.
A titre personnel, ne me manque qu'un statut "Paiement validé".
Ease of use
Très intuitif, en langue française, se qui facilite les choses. J'avais un besoin auquel la verson gratuite a répondu à 90%!
Très bon et réactif, même pour utilisation de la version gratuite
bonne, même si les vidéos à cette heure se limitent à la version précédene.
I used this to: Association loi 1901, donc pas de nécessité de booking complexe.
Owner's reply: Merci pour le commentaire !
Effectivement, dès que je trouverai un peu de temps, je ferai de nouvelles vidéos tuto, cette fois basées sur J4.
L'objectif restant une extension ne nécessitant pas de lire une longue doc pour pouvoir l'utiliser ;-)
Icagenda is my favorite eventcalendar on different sites. organising club events, booking courses etc is very easy to setup -selfexplanining
Ease of use
Lots of relevant options, placed where you expect them in the backend. Nice view even without using own css.
i use the pro version, had one issue after an update. !!! reported at 20.15 hrs - answer within 5 minutes - solved at 03:20 hrs BRILLIANT!!
Complete clear, straight forward.. I found everything I was looking for during setup... most of the stuff is self explaining..
I used this to: An eventpage a local portal for local public events, a course booking systen for register participants for sport courses and a carneval club event overview.
Thx Cyril & team for this great extension!
Owner's reply: Hello Matthias,
Thank you for your review and sharing your usage experience!

Fabulous support

Posted on 08 August 2021
Very straight-forward. Does exactly what we want & need. We use different versions of the events list on different pages.
Ease of use
Simple to setup, use and maintain. Each tab for the setup offers most details needed to do what is needed.
Fantastic support! All questions have been answered very quickly.
Obviously Cyril and his team really care about customer satisfaction
I didn't see documentation such as user guide, but the setup is straight forward, the Forum answers most questions, and support is superb.
I used this to: The largest non-profit educational platform on the internet. It is right on the homepage, thus this extension must be performing 100% at all time.
Owner's reply: Thank you Serge for your review!

Great to know you perform iCagenda at 100% !

Géniale !

Posted on 27 April 2021
Excellente extension, facile à paramétrer et utiliser. Répond parfaitement à l'essentiel. Quelques fonctionnalités supplémentaires à prévoir
Ease of use
Claire, simple, facile.
Paramétrage explicite et bien assisté.
suivi logique des éléments à configurer.
Immédiat et attentif. Bravo !
Réponses dans la journée, voire l'heure le plus souvent.
Très efficace et précis dans les réponses
Excellente et très complète.
Et dans ma langue.
Facile à lire et à comprendre loi
I used this to: Événements utilisateurs sur plusieurs sites d'associations.
Les utilisateurs sont automatiquement informés de leur inscription.
Owner's reply: Bonjour Philippe et merci pour votre avis !

Depuis celui-ci, la version 3.8 est sortie avec de nombreuses nouveautés. Vous y trouverez sans doute votre bonheur !
Very stable - never had an issue with compatibility after upgrade, etc.
Ease of use
Very each to use - I've been able to implement many features and never had an issue
I haven't had a need to reach out for support because the product is easy to use, documentation is great and everything does what's expected
Great - I've been able to implement front-end calendar entries with the sidebar calendar, google maps, categories, registrations, etc
I used this to: I use this for publishing NSDAR State Society calendar on a members only site
Owner's reply: Thanks for your review!

I'm glad to know it was so easy for you to set-up as you wanted! ;-)
Created events look very friendly on frontend website.
I didn't find yet how to display calendar module on menus rigth-side.
Ease of use
Pro : Very easy to setup and then to use to create new events
Cons : not possible to change date format in the form fields :((
I used this to: Association Joomla website
We need to display next events of our association
Owner's reply: Thanks for your review Hervé !

The date picker is using Joomla core calendar form field, and is working as Joomla core date field, using the iso standard format.
But in frontend event view, you have many date format available depending on your culture, with a built-in globalization functionnality for dates. ;-)
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Jun 05 2023
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GPLv2 or later
Free download
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J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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