Articles Display, Articles styling, Content Construction, Custom fields, Template Overrides

EasyLayouts works with your Joomla content, custom fields, contact forms, menus and modules and allows you to create beautifully formatted content layouts and custom contact forms using a simple drag and drop interface. Control the presentation of your Joomla custom fields with ease - custom fields are no longer limited to being displayed as a list after the title or the end of your article. Add a filter module to your site to filter your content items allowing you to filter based on custom field value, tags, categories etc. As a bonus EasyLayouts comes with some extra custom fields to extend the ones available in Joomla so you can use fields for related articles, youtube/vimeo videos, slideshows, file downloder. More custom fields are being added all the time. EasyLayouts is compatible with most site templates and allows you to create template overrides with no coding! You can think of EasyLayouts as a Page Builder for your content - use Joomla content, custom fields, modules and menus but control the presentation of your content with EasyLayouts, so you have the layout flexibility of a Page Builder whilst using Joomla core content and modules.

Customise Your Content Layouts

  • Create layouts for all your content views - single article, category blog, category list, featured articles. article modules.
  • Full control over the placement of your custom fields in your articles, blogs and lists
  • No coding necessary (template overrides with no PHP!).
  • Create layouts that are category and language specific.
  • Select custom field based columns in your category list view
  • Blog/Featured article entries can be formatted based on their category
  • Customise the layout of your intro items and list items in blog views differently if you want - again these can vary by category and language
  • The dynamic Float Layout allows you to transform your blog views dynamically fetching new articles as you scroll down the page

Conditional Field Output

  • EasyLayouts 1.1.0 introduced conditional field display - so now you can choose to display your custom fields only if other custom fields satisfy special criteria you design

Create custom contact forms

  • With EasyLayouts you can now design custom contact forms using the core Joomla contact component and contact custom fields.
  • No need to install a separate form designer - use core Joomla with beautiful forms designed using EasyLayouts
  • Use the new conditional field output to create conditional form field questions e.g. "Any special dietary requirement?" would open a new input box if the visitor answers 'yes'

Extra Custom Fields to Enhance Your Site

  • Related Articles - this custom field allows you to link your articles together e.g. link recipes to chefs with 2 way linkage
  • Video (YouTube/Vimeo) - incorporate youtube videos or vimeo videos as custom fields with in your articles
  • Add slideshow to Joomla image list field - enhance the output of image list custom fields by presenting the image list as a slideshow
    • and more custom fields being added all the time
  • The EasyLayouts ImageList custom field allows you to upload images to your image list/slide show when you create or edit and article - you can even make these uploads specific to the article being edited to avoid clashes between multiple images with the same name. This image list field remembers the order you upload images to reuse this when the slideshow is displayes
    • Make your articles into a download manager withe the EasyLayouts Download file custom field - upload a file when you create or edit your article and set its access level so that you can control who can download your file.

Filter your Menus and Modules

Add powerful filtering of content to your site by filtering your menu items or by adding one or more filter modules
- Filter the list of articles to be displayed in your menu items - filter based on combinations of custom field values
- Add a filter module to filter the articles based on custom field values with sophisticated logic
- The filter module is controlled by the layout editor and allows you to choose which filters to include in the module and how the filter module is presented - no template overrides or coding needed
- The filter module that works with core Joomla menu item types - no need to use a separate component, filter your com_content menu items.
Allows you to create sophisticated websites where your content is filtered by custom field values.

Sort your Menu items and Modules

  • Use EasyLayouts to sort your articles based on custom field values.

Responsive Template Support

  • Create responsive content layout - supporting Bootstrap 2, 3 & 4, UIkit 2 & 3
  • Works with most Joomla templates
  • more frameworks added all the time

Custom Editing Pages

  • Create custom article editing pages that can be different for each article category

Filter and Search Your Content

  • Filter your menu items and modules based on custom field values

Easily Create Structured Website Content

  • Use categories to set up content types
  • Each has their own set of custom fields
  • EasyLayouts allows each type's display to be customised differently
  • See the demo site for an excellent example of this in action

Supporting Joomla Versioning

  • Experiment with your layouts knowing you can roll back to a previous version if something isn't right with your new layout

Integration with 3rd Party Addons

  • Supporting most 3rd party Custom Fields Addons out of the box
  • J2Store - customise your product pages easily and beautifully

Template Overrides With no Coding

  • Many site developers spend hours creating template overrides to control the layouts of their content - this is made more complex with the placement of Joomla custom fields. There is no need for writing template overrides to create beautiful layouts for your content with EasyLayouts.

    • Your custom fields and article elements are placed exactly where you want them in your customised layouts.

A Content Construction Kit (CCK) using Joomla Data

  • No longer do you need to add a third party CCK to create structured websites in Joomla
  • Your content and fields use the core Joomla components so you are not dependent on a complex CCK to manage your structured content
  • Create custom layouts and custom field selections which can vary by category
  • Use Joomla custom fields and EasyLayouts to create beautiful structured content - see the demo site for an example.

Like a Page Builder for Content

  • You control the presentation of your Joomla content items using a drag and drop interface like a Page Builder (also known as a PageBuilder without the space)
  • Combine the power of a Page Builder to control the the presentation of your content items with Joomla custom fields and sophisticated filtering as you'd get in a CCK
  • When you want the power and flexibility of Joomla with the presentation options of a Page Builder, EasyLayouts is ideal for you. You don't need to build each page one at a time, as you would with a typical page builder, instead your content and layouts define the presentation of your content. So if you are frustrated by your PageBuilder then you should try EasyLayouts.

Lots of New Features Coming Soon!

Save days of work developing sites - transforming your designs into reality.

Use Joomla! custom fields to extend content and EasyLayouts places everything exactly where it should appear - just as you and your designer intended. Allowing you to create sophisticated content based websites - sites for real estate agencies, cooking/recipes, law firms, sports clubs etc. are all easy with EasyLayouts and Joomla custom fields.

No need for coding template overrides or implementing the site in a complex CCK or getting frustrated with the lack of flexibility in your Page Builder - Joomla! and EasyLayouts are all you need.

Create beautiful sites from the simplest brochure site to a sophisticated site with varied content types and category specific layouts.

Can change nearly everything in the Jommla standard layouts (categories, articles, modules..), fitting your needs at the minimum detail.
Ease of use
Well, not very easy at the start since it is a mind change from other extensions. It becomes easier with use and watching the backend demo.
I had a few problems, and they resolve it fine and quickly. I have seen in the support forum that they can advice you to reach you goal.
Unfortunately there are some undocumented parts. It has an active development, so this is compressible with the newest things. But I miss it
Value for money
It depends on your goals. For minor changes maybe you can make it with some template overriding or CSS, but from there it is invaluable.
I used this to: Different layouts (and filtering content) depending on the webpage section. We have a blog section, a section with routes in a natural area, a section with online activities, a section with research results... They can not fit all in the same layout or filters.


Posted on 29 December 2022
This is a must have for any joomla websites that needs advance layout designs. The possibilities are endless!
Ease of use
It’s a bit confusing when you start but once you get the hang of it, it becomes very easy. Adding css on rows/columns helps a lot in styling
I did not actually use support. I did reach out with a support request but was able to solve the issue beforehand.
I did not read the documentation. I started hands on to better understand the component.
Value for money
Affordable, you cannot miss it. I haven’t seen any component of said quality for the price.
I used this to: Joomla news, education and private sites that needs advance layout on their news and project pages.

Incredible component !

Posted on 14 October 2022
Easylayouts is a wonderful component to override Joomla Layouts without having to code. It includes the use of custom fields.
Ease of use
It's not so easy, but once you have understood how it works, you can do all you want ! Adding CSS customization, and it's incredible.
Geraint is very helpful and kind to debug the component and add some fonctionnalities if needed. Thanks !
There is an online documentation on EL website which is very helpful to begin with Easylayouts.
Value for money
Easy layouts saves me countless hours, it’s really worth the little cost.
I used this to: I use it to customize category blog layout, article layout, article category module, popular tags module, filter articles by custom fields... It's perfect for directories, programs of festivals, etc.
Many, many possibilities to design page layouts based on joomla core and customs fields.
Ease of use
Once understood, even very complex layouts can be created quickly and easily.
Error messages and support requests are usually answered quickly and helpfully via the member forum.
Training is possible via the demo website. A more extensive documentation would be desirable.
Value for money
Yes. The use of EasyLayouts enables the creation of complex page layouts with reasonable effort and without any programming experience.
I used this to: We've been using the extension on our website since it was released to display complex layouts with lots of custom fields.
The extension is too complicated and uncontrollably affects other Joomla items with which I have not associated the extension.
Ease of use
Unfrendly and complicated interface. After 2 days of torture I can say it is the worst Joomla extension i have installed.
I wanted to send a message about the problems, but everi time I received the message that I hadn’t filled in all the required fields.
Value for money
It looked like it was going to be a good buy, but on the end it was a waste of money.
I used this to: I tried to use an extension to build my website where I have a lot of articles that I had to filter using joomla custom fields and this extension.
Owner's reply: We are sorry to hear you didn't get to grips with EasyLayout. It is a sophisticated extension and powerful extension which can be confusing initially and we encourage all users to use the discussion forum to get support on issues not covered in our documentation pages

It sounds as though you used our contact us form to seek support - as we explain on the contact page this is for membership/login queries only. Our product support is through our discussion forum - its a pity you didn't ask your questions there as we pride ourselves on our timely, friendly and helpful support.
Incredibly powerfull to control almost every aspect of the Joomla Core Views including the Custom Fields.
Ease of use
Ok. There is a learning curve. But after that to build custom layouts ist much more easier.
Very good Support. Very fast and individual. Thank you Geraint ...
There is a good Documentation and some Videos on the Website. Maybe not so up to date.
Value for money
The Component, its possibilities and the great Support it's worth every penny.
I used this to: I'm building Layouts with a lot of Customfields. And i have different Blog and Articleviews.
Once you work out how to use to this tool then it could be very useful if you are dealing with a large number of custom fields.
Ease of use
I've been using Joomla since 2009 and to begin with, I found it quirky and not really intuitive. Gets easier the more you use it.
There isn't any which I didn't realise until after I purchased it. There is a "Documentation" menu link to a page published in June 2017 !!!
Value for money
Had there been decent documentation then I would give it 5/5 but ranked down due to the lack of any documentation whatsoever.
I used this to: Just using on single news/blog website at the moment. It's good but feel it will be more useful if someone is using the Joomla content articles with custom fields for websites like directories or real estate brokers.

Amazing component

Posted on 29 October 2020
This component is amazing, it allows to structure your pages the way you want it, there are no limits, your only limit is your imagination. Possibility to also structure the back-end. It’s just fantastic.
Ease of use
The component is easy to handle if you understand how to use it, as any complex extension there is a time of adaptation, but once understood it’s a great tool.
Geraint's team is very helpful, all my requests have always been answered! Even more than I asked for…!
The documentation is quite complete, there is even a demo site and anyway the support is always present
Value for money
The component is definitely worth the money. When I think of all the time saved with EasyLayouts, you shouldn't hesitate to buy it.
I used this to: Since I discovered this component it’s installed on all my websites!
Real creation toolbox, endless possibilities, and much more practical than the usual CKK
Ease of use
Creation by drag and drop ultra easy to use, and to integrate into your template.
Possibility of assigning each layout to particular article
Ultra reactive support, the designers do not hesitate to spend time to solve your problems! +++
Value for money
No regrets, the price is well below what the component saves you in development time
I used this to: Used for an online sales catalog site, with pages of specific categories using sorting by customized fields of product sheets.
Very easy to build custom layouts for modules & articles without PHP / Joomla codebase knowledge.
Ease of use
Build around whatever framework you require, software has some features under "advanced settings" for further accessibility.
Regular updates and excellent support from development team. I am expecting this project to continue to improve with time
Documentation a work in progress. But the ability to access back end of demo site is very handy for learning.
Value for money
Time saved building layouts makes this great value for money! Very reasonably priced for the functionality gained here.
I used this to: Building a standard layout for all articles within a category / under specific menu items. Add and remove elements and custom fields to my layout based on the values brought in by the custom fields! No PHP knowledge was required.


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GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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