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The all-new JoomlArt's Joomla page builder is all you need to create beautiful websites, with 100% visual design, drag and drops feature, an easy-to-use inline editor, 10+ ready-to-use beautiful websites bundles with 1-click import feature, 80+ content block designs, 40+ add-ons, and elements.

The best Free Joomla Page Builder

T4 Page builder is a free Joomla page builder with all core-features included, 40+ free add-ons, and multiple pre-made website bundles & sections designs.

30 beautiful website bundles, 50+ pages

So far, we have released 30 website bundles with 60 pages that help you build a complete website that is beautiful, responsive, SEO friendly. And we will release new website bundles every two weeks.
Built-in import website bundle feature with an intuitive dashboard.
- Website bundle import
- Page import/export: export one or multiple pages and import pages to other projects.
- Page/category manager: manage categories and pages easily

T4 Joomla Page Builder for Joomla 4 is ready

The latest version of T4 Page builder support Joomla 4.x Install T4 Page builder on all new Joomla 4 to have a more attractive website development

100% Visual Design

Update content, customize style is never easier with T4 Builder's superior visual editor. Design, Edit, and customize every part of your website in real-time.
- Advanced inline editor: update content and format the content inline
- Custom style tools: set width, height, margin, padding, font and many more
- Image / Video overlay background
- 70+ animation library

80+ pre-made section designs library

Beautiful section designs that cover many topics to create landing pages, websites, and campaigns faster. Drag and drop, update content, and publish to the world.
- Theme setting: quickly change the style for the content block
- User blocks: create your own content blocks library and reuse repeatedly on different pages
- Shared blocks: set a block as a shared block to use the same block in many pages

38 add-ons, elements, and more to come

We support many content elements and add-ons, from basic to advanced to build full-featured websites

Fully responsive and mobile-friendly design

T4 Page Builder is responsive at core, pages, and websites you build with the Joomla page builder will be fully responsive and mobile-friendly. It uses the Bootstrap 4 advanced responsive grid system.

Responsive configuration: You can configure display, show, or hide any element and section on different responsive layouts.

Extendable & Developer-Friendly

Many features to customize and update page, sections at the developer level:
- Custom section & page HTML
- Customize page and sections style using the in-built CSS editor.
- Load custom / external JS/CSS library

Google fonts, Permission settings, and many other tools:

Many features, in-built options are supported to help you build and update content and style for your websites easier than ever.
- Google fonts: Add any Google font with the advanced Font Manager and use it to configure typography.
- ACL settings: configure permissions to edit, update, and manage T4 Builder pages for specific user groups.
- Page Revision: check and revert to previous updates with one click.
- Font icons: support Material Icon Fonts and Awesome Icon Fonts by default. Use the icon element to add a font icon to any place.

Joomla Article & Joomla Custom HTML module integration

The Joomla page builder supports Joomla articles and many 3rd party extensions including K2, Virtuemart, and more.
The 3rd party Joomla extensions that are planned for integration:
- Joomla custom HTML module
- K2 component
- Virtuemart component

Work with popular templates and frameworks

T4 Joomla page builder is designed to work with all popular templates and frameworks to create beautiful landing pages. Using the template style overview in the builder dashboard, you can check an overview of how the page performs with the selected template.

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Version 2.1.0: New updates, improvements & bugfixes
- Support multilang when page crawl stylesheet and render preview
- Update fontawesome 6.x
- Compatible with the Joomla 5
- Compatible with PHP 8.2
- Contact form submit other fields in multilang
- Remove authentication when an user sends a mail contact to Managers
- Update jQuery ver 3.7.0, jQuery Ui ver 1.13.2
- Support jce media ver 2.9.39
- Fixed open graph tag image for metadata
- Fixed issue: User sending email in contact form

Version 2.0.7: Improvements & bugfixes
- Fix warning param on null
- Fix sql syntax
- Fix could not load builder editor
- Authorise before save page content
- Fix user able to edit page without login
- Fix acl to show edit button on frontend
- Fix js error t4b not defined frontend

Version 2.0.6: Improvements & Bugfixes
- Update for Joomla 4.2.5
- Check create new page return error
- Compatible with PHP81
- Add define file on XML
- Fix load T4 load content XML file
- Material icon doesn't show on frontend
- Can't add image

Version 2.0.5: Improvements & Bugfixes
- Change function Clean mark on editor
- Update add readmore component
- Update compatible PHP81 and check Joomla 3, Joomla 4
- Update render mark readmore
- Update check acymailing on editor
- Fixed load exactly cateogry
- Update load image on assets

Version 2.0.4: Improvements & Bugfixes
- Update gallery block style
- Improve gallery style
- Update remove free version html5lightbox
- Update define html5lightbox
- Add html5lightbox libs
- Update load html5lightbox
- Add default layout for T4 Pagebuilder
- Update block style
- Update fixed load module bootstrap
- Check attrbis exists
- Fixed edit inline on Joomla 3

Version 2.0.3: Improvements & Bugfixes
- [New feature] Meta data fields for page
- [New Feature] Save and copy article with all T4 content blocks
- Improve styles and layouts for content blocks - Call to Action and Clients
- Update Layer name on the component name change.
- Improve classTagView component
- Improve text editor component
- Fixed devices select padding
- Contact form is sent without validating captcha
- Page frozen after resizing image

Great functionality with desktop, not usable with mobile devices. Ad text about mobility is wrong, cant design pages with tablet/mobile.
Ease of use
With desktop it is relatively good, but you cant use it with mobile devices, even with tablets you cant do any page building.
JoomlArt will answer, but to get actual functionality what is missing, can take long long time.
Documentation does not answer any question about using page builder with mobile devices.
I used this to: Different companies and for NGO projects. For desktop user it is good tool, but not for tablet or mobile phone users

Very promising

Posted on 26 November 2023
The add-ons section in the free version is versatile and feature rich. Haven't tried the pro version yet, waiting for Joomla 5 support.
Ease of use
The editor is rather intuitive and easy to set up a page structure.
Unfortunately the documentation is outdated and incomplete but that's not a big issue because of the intuitive interface.
I used this to: So far tested the free version on one client site and one of my own.
Many features are incomplete and are not editable through the UI.
Ease of use
Most of the features are not intuitive and you will absolutely need to contact support when you run in to undocumented failures
Forum support is decent but private support is horrible and unable to get refund when you find out many features are incomplete past 7 days
Documentation is almost non existant. Most features are undocumented and feels like it's to obscure how many features are lacking.
I used this to: Evaluated the products for future use with a ultimate developer bundle. Incomplete, undocumented features give you the feeling that they are meant to make you go beyond the refund window before you notice them. Beware of this vendor.
Too many conflicts with other long standing popular extensions. JCE is just one of them. "Add image" button doesn't work in clean J4 install
Ease of use
Once you get the hang of it it's very intuitive but unfortunately too many bugs make it hard to get a good flow. Works well on a clean J4.
I pay for pro, yet I find the support dismissive and always looking to blame others.
Never really had to use docs as I find the drag and drop function easy to use that docs aren't required.
I used this to: I really like how this works and was going to use it for quicker css layouts rather than writing it myself. However I spend more time checking for conflicts and testing so I can't see myself keeping this. Paid for the year so here's hoping it works soon.

So easy and fast to use

Posted on 17 September 2020
It has all I needed for standard web pages. It has many ready made pages andblocks I can easily modify.
Ease of use
Very intuitive and easy to use. I can build webpages very fast and see all the time what I'm doing. Saves me a lot of time.
The support is very fast and precise: Until now they have always solved my issues and if needed they help further.
You get started very good with the documentation. There could be more videos and documentation beyond the basics.
I used this to: I started to use T4 page builder since 3 weeks ago and I'll use it for all my new webpages.

Best Free Joomla Page builder

Posted on 14 September 2020
Found it best functional builder, very easy to use with all new features
Ease of use
I am normal user and not know much about the development, all pre built pages and oawesome and import option is very useful
My issue are fixed within next update, and also feedbacks are taken seriously for builder, good work
Doucmentation is very easy and speically the editing part helped me a lot to know about builder.
I used this to: i am using it for my portfolio onepage website, now i will it for business site as well :)
Go for it
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JA Multilingual

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JA Google Map Plugin allows users to embed Google Maps, into articles. A step further, it comes with a unique Code Generator, which allows generation of multiple maps with varied configurations and layouts. Features : * Supports various map types viz., | Road Map | Satellite Map | Hybrid Map | Terrain / Physical Map | * Easy backend, descriptions and usage instructions in the tooltips. * Customi...
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JA Social Locker module is the best choice if you want to boost your campaign, it helps increase traffic to your site by encourage people to share your content via most popular social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. The module will lock your desired content (promotion info, coupon code ...) in your article, module, etc. The locked content is only displayed to user when they share your co...
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JA Social Feed

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Social Display
The JA Social Feed Plug-in imports content automatically from popular social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, RSS, Pinterest and Flickr and adds to the Joomla or K2 category as articles. It has lots of options to get content your ways and multiple options for images where you can configure to display images or not, save images to your server or not, filter content to imp...

T4 Page Builder

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