The article contains directions for installing an extension into your Joomla site using the two most popular method. You can download the extension from the developer's site and manually install it into your site, or you can use the "Install from Web" tab in side the Joomla administration area - a new feature found in Joomla 3.

Downloading & Installing an Extension

Using the "Install from Web" Tab

Downloading & Installing an Extension

Up until the release of Joomla 3, most users downloaded and installed extensions manually. After downloading an extension, users would open their Extension Manager, which is accessible through the Joomla administration area.


Once inside the Extension Manager, in the "Upload Package File" area, click on the "Choose File" button to browse your computer for the extension. IMPORTANT: Joomla will only recognized .zip files for extensions. After you select the .zip file and the name of the file appears, click on the "Upload & Install" button.


After the installation is complete, you may receive a green message letting you know that the installation was successful or you may receive additional information about the extension you've installed

Using the "Install from Web" Tab

When first opening the Extensions Manager you may have also noticed a message about the "Install from Web" tab. By clicking on "Add 'Install from Web' Tab", an additional tab will be added to your Extension Manager allowing you to browse and install extensions directly through the administration area of your Joomla site. Please note that by clicking on the "Add 'Install from Web' Tab" you're agreeing to the JED Terms of Service.

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Once the "Install from Web" tab is added, you can browse through JED Categories or use the search and sort features to find extensions. You'll also be able to see what type of extension it is. Click on the extension's name to download.


When the individual listing is open, you can view listing details, install the extension, view the listing in the JED or go to the developer's website. Please note that by clicking on the "Install" button you'll sometimes be able to install the extension directly and sometimes you'll be directed to the developer's site to download the extension manually.


Please remember that once you install a plugin, it can be found in the Plugin Manager; once you install a module, it can be found in the Module Manager; and components can be found in the "Components" drop down menu item in the main menu of the Joomla administrator.