This article contains recommendations for creating packs to distribute extensions. These recommendations are based upon best practices in the Joomla community.


Single Extension

Name the extension using the extension type and the version at the end.



Multiple Extension Packs

If you're creating .zip/.tar files that require unzipping prior to the installation of the extension, name the .zip or .tar file accordingly:




It's really important that you test the .zip/.tar file and install it in a Joomla test server before publishing the file for users.


Uploading to Your Listing

You should always keep the latest version of your extension attached to your JED listing.

The upload file size is limited to 7MB on the JED.

For files that are too large to upload, please create a login on your site or a link to the archive file for a JED Team memeber to access your extension so it can be checked at any point to verify it is compliant with our Terms of Service.

Place the login information and/or URL details into a txt file and put the text file into a zip archive titled "" and upload it to your listing.