Extensions listed on the JED are permitted to insert backlinks to the developers' distribution site, which will render in the HTML output of the extension. The JED has specific rules regarding backlinks:

  • Users must be able to remove the backlink (by editing the code)
  • Base64 or any other method to obfuscate the backlink is not permitted
  • No more than one backlink can be inserted
  • The backlink can only point to the developer's distribution site

If your extension inserts a backlink it will be annotated in the listing details by a JED Team Editor. If your extension inserts a backlink to any URL other than your distribution site your extension will be unpublished.

This does not include links located in the administrator section of a Joomla website. Links in the administrator area are acceptable and not limited.

When an extension has a backlink included, a pop-up notice will display to users when they click any of the buttons that lead to the developer's site(s). The notice will inform them that your extension inserts a backlink and that it may impact the SEO of their website.

How do I get the notice removed?

To get the notice removed from your listing, you must first remove the backlink from your extension and attach the new version to your listing.

Once a new version is attached, open a support ticket from the page of the listing in question and inform us that you have removed the backlink.

Once we verify the link has been removed the notice will be removed from your listing.