The information below outlines the current process for contributing code to the com_jed extension. All contributions will be submitted through our JED Issue Tracker repositories.


1. If you haven’t already, create a new account on Github and access our JED Issue Tracker.

2. Find or create an issue on our JED Issue Tracker.

3. Comment on the Issue you want to work on and provide the following information:

  • Estimated timeline
  • Mock-ups (If the proposal involves any type of UI/UX change)
  • Any other details

A JED Team Member will post a reply and verify if the issue is still valid and can be put into work or is currently in work or any additional information is needed.

4. For feature changes/improvements or any fixes that will alter the existing function or design, the JED Team will vote on the proposed change after a community feedback period. In order for a change to obtain a passing vote, it will need a ‘yes’ vote by at least ⅔ of the JED Team. The outcome will be posted to the Issue comments.

5. Sign the Joomla Extensions Directory Contributor Agreement below.

6. Once your agreement has been accepted, you’ll be access to the repository and development configuration for you to use.

7. Once your code is finished and pushed to your branch repo, comment on the issue and include a testing process.

8. A JED Team Admin will manually screen the code for formatting and quality.

9. Once the code is marked as acceptable it will be pushed to a development version of the JED for testing.

10. All contributions require 2 successful tests before being fully accepted and merged to the live site and main repo.

11. Contributions that pass testing will be pushed to the live site based on the JED Team's schedule.

12. We coordinate our tasks on Glip, the Team Collaboration Software that Joomla organization use. Please, contact us to add you to our JED Dev Team, llewellyn.van-der-merwe[at]