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Ninja Eye Menu is a highly configurable jQuery powered fish eye style menu and comes with a whopping 200 icons by default, and the ability to simply upload your own.

You can also select the option to allow only registered users to see selected menu items, helping you to create a menu that adapts to the user's status.

New with version 3: We completely rebuilt the module to work with Joomla 3.3 and due to some Mootools issues we have replaced the javascript with a JQuery one instead.

Very nice and easy to use image menu. It was worth the small fee. I've tried some free ones that just gave me issues, this one is easy to set-up, and the CSS is easy to modify. I'd like to see more options for the placement of the image titles. You can only place text below the image. A roll-over effect would be nice too.


Posted on 27 April 2012
Thank you very much for your great extension and support! The extension was not working for me and they fixed it the next day! Amazing!
I've always been skittish about buying extensions online...what if you buy it and it doesn't work? You have no promise of a return.

But I gave Ninja Forge a chance and they did not disappoint. My site was missing that "special touch" and this menu was absolutely what it needed.

There was a small problem with a javascript I was running from another module, and these guys were able to login and fix it for me in no time flat.

Was able to easily change the icons as needed and make them transparent to custom fit my site. Amazing.

I will absolutely return here first for my Joomla extension needs.

Looks Good and Works Good!

Posted on 03 December 2010
I installed it without a hitch but ran into a few minor issues (centering & spacing of the icons) but support was responsive with the solutions needed which made this exactly what I wanted. Good job Ninja Forge!
I checked all existing on the moment modules performing different kinds of "fish-eye" effects. Ninja eye was the only one which worked without problems after installation on all browsers. However icons moved a bit strangely from the beginning. And the quantity of menu items is limited by default up to seven. But techsupport forum resolved that in one day. Still there are several points corresponding icons movement which are to be fixed, that's why I'm putting good mark instead of excellent. Anyway, as for me, the module performs best results from all others of the kind, and I prefer to deal with professionally supported extensions (it saves time).

Nice working module

Posted on 15 March 2010
This module is working fine and it's mootols based! So no more conflicts/broken modules everywhere!

It's only 10 dolars (7.something euros :p). Definitively worth it!

So Much Fun

Posted on 27 July 2009
This extension is deceptively powerful. Adds wonderful energy to our pages with a crazy zoom in effect on a graphic menu. Basically the menu graphics/icons expand like you're examining it through a fish eye lens. As each item is hovered over the menu bulges out, and the text link under it is revealed.

It is simple to use, you can experiment with the effects of how much and what way your icons are enlarged, and how small they are to start with. Change the colour of your link etc.

The plugin comes will a whole bunch a useful, and inspirational icons, to which you can add you own. They are automatically selectable from a drop down for each individual menu item.

The Menu works horizontal or vertical, a simple choice in the control panel. The only limitation is that you can only have 7 menu items, but it is not hard to edit the code to add more, and the support at Ninja were very helpful when I asked for assistance.

The CSS is exhaustively commented.

The menu still works if javascript is switched off, but without the special effects.

All in all five stars for a seamless, fast, simple and professional way to funk up joomla navigation without the need for flash, recommended.
Ninja Access Plg
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Ninja Access Plg

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Site Access
Ninja Access - allows you to hide or show portions of content depending on the access level of the viewer. It is useful for selectively hiding content from different users, such as hiding ads from administrators and subscribers. It can also be used for hiding valuable content from un-registered users while still allowing access to those with a specific groupid. Now compatible with Ninja RS...

Ninja Eye Menu

Last updated:
Sep 20 2007
16 years ago
Date added:
Sep 20 2007
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

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