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W7 SEO Uplifter is a complete SEO and performance solution for your Joomla powered website. Using this component can help your search engine optimization, website ranking and overall performance. Hence bring you more customers.

W7 SEO Uplifter

Page title, description, and keywords

Manage page's page title, description, and keywords.
We have also added support for articles, so you can set the meta data even if the article doesn't have its menu item!

Google SERP live preview

You can see the changes instantly, thanks to the live preview.

Facebook OG Tags

Have the way Facebook creates links' cards under control.

Twitter Tags

Have the way Twitter creates links' cards under control.

OG and Twitter tags preview

You can always check the result in our live OG tags preview.

Menu item summary

You can see all the page's SEO-related errors, warnings, and successes at the same place.

Image optimization

Images make the biggest portion of the website’s page weight. It's a huge opportunity to drastically decrease your page load time which results in better SEO.

Convert images to WebP

Convert your images to the modern WebP format on-the-fly. No need to worry about it, it's just done.

Set image quality for all images

Take all of your images and change their quality, so the website can load faster.

Set maximum width for all images

There's no need to load huge images. Set the maximum width and you don't have to think about resizing the images ever again.

Lazy load images

Wait with the loading of images until the users actually need them. It can save a lot of page load time and your visitors will be happier than ever.

Manage redirects

Don't show your users the 404 message. Redirect them to the right URL easily.

Htaccess editor

We added an htaccess editor to the W7 SEO Uplifter.

See more features listed on our website.

Everything works as presented in the documentation, OG tags (which is the main reason I downloaded this extension) work great
Ease of use
Super easy, meta tags have live preview, no need to any additional setup then enabling component plugins
They had a bug in one of the updates, fixed it in a couple of minutes
Value for money
Excellent value for the money. I don't regret the money I've spent on this product.
I used this to: I used it one time so far for my client's website in the construction field
W7 WebP Images Converter
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W7 WebP Images Converter

By W7 Extensions
Improve your page-load speed Page load time is very important part of search engine optimization (SEO). Every visitor expects your website to be loaded fast. If it takes more than 3 seconds, 50% of the visitors will go away. And that’s something you have to avoid. One of the things with the biggest impact on the load time is images. W7 WebP Joomla plugin is a great solution for speeding up you...
W7 Video

W7 Video

By W7 Extensions
Multimedia Display
Impress your visitors Everyone uses images and slideshows with all kind of fancy effects. But you can do better. It has never been this easy to add YouTube video as a background of your welcome message or page intro. All you need is a few clicks. Great features This module’s administration is packed with great and useful features. Such as video overlay so your text is easy to read, allowing/di...
W7 Read Time

W7 Read Time

By W7 Extensions
Article Elements
Let your users know an estimate of how much time the are going to spend reading your article. Reading Time Estimate The plugin takes the article's content and shows an estimate of the time needed to read it from top to bottom. Category Selector Choose categories you want the plugin active in. All the articles will then include information about the reading time. Word Counter As an addition t...
W7 SEO Uplifter Lite

W7 SEO Uplifter Lite

By W7 Extensions
SEO & Metadata
W7 SEO Uplifter W7 SEO Uplifter is a complete SEO and performance solution for your Joomla powered website. Using this component can help your search engine optimization, website ranking and overall performance. Hence bring you more customers. Sitemap generator Generate XML sitemaps with W7 SEO Uplifter. Since it is generated right from the selected menu, it is much faster than crawling the web...
W7 Cookies
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W7 Cookies

By W7 Extensions
Cookie Control
W7 Cookies provides a simple way to comply with GDPR requirements. Cookies Categories Set up as many categories as you want and let users decide which data they want to share with you. Customizable Consent Modal W7 Cookies comes with modern, responsive and easily customizable consent modal. Block Resources You can block external resources by it’s URL, local files and even inline scripts co...

W7 SEO Uplifter

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Jun 10 2021
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Mar 24 2021
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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