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Filters for Custom Fields, Categories and Tags. Get filters relevant to the page's content (e.g. a category page).
Combine it with the Smart Search to filter the search results.
Lightweight and SEO friendly.
Try the Pro version for AJAX based requests and additional features.

Filter using Custom Fields, Categories and Tags

Fully customizable, blazing fast filters, from Custom Fields, Categories and Tags.
In the front-end, you are only getting filters relevant to the visited page's content.
Multiple display types: Links, Checkboxes, Drop-down lists, Radio Buttons, Buttons, Buttons Multi-Select
List Search feature, to search within a filter's values.
Can be integrated with Yootheme Pro.

Combine with the Joomla’s Smart Search

Refine further the Smart Search results, using filters relevant to the shown results.

Beautiful URLs and SEO features

  • Beautiful Search Engine Friendly URLs.
  • Page Title based on the selected filters.
  • Canonical Tags.
  • Less than 10kB of css and vanilla javascript combined.

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Does exactly what it is supposed to do. As mentioned in extension description, you can mix filters and smart search to get good UX.
Ease of use
Fast configuration to get a quick and dirty result and test functionnality. Then you can fix what is not so easy. But documentation is good.
Excellent. And friendly. I asked for a quite specific need and I got answers in very short time.
The extension is well documented with tutorials to make it completely clear.
I used this to: Display and filter a catalogue, mixed with smart search results. A lot of overrides, easy to follow thanks to Joomla 4
The free version is very powerful for filtering Joomla articles. The pro version is a Must Have for pro Joomla websites and worth the money.
Ease of use
The backend settings are easy to understand, the frontend design is easy to override.
You'll need less than 5 mns to configure and use it.
I've post some newbie questions on the forum support and Sakis replied me in few hours with all the details (and some smart advices too).
There's one but JFilters is very easy to use and manage - even for Joomla newcomers - and works like a charm. You probably won't need it
I used this to: I was using another extension but less handy and with many compatibility issues. I've changed for the JFilters pro version to provide a smooth and efficient solution to filter the Joomla templates on templatejoomla - JFilters is the best filtering solution available for J4.
Extends the default Joomla category blog as well as the search filter.
Ease of use
Consists out of a component to predefine filters, menu items to define result pages and modules to create filters in the frontend.
Excellent. Asked for adding a feature - and got it implemented just one day later.
Comprehensive documentation is available. It right to the point.
I used this to: Use it heavily to filter Joomla articles by category and custom fields on many client projects. Also available is a free JSFilter Plugin for Yootheme Pro which makes use with dynamic Yootheme Pro Elements an easy task.
Einwandfreie Kombination von Kategorien, Custom Fields und Tags bei Suche und dabei dynamischer Anzeige!
Ease of use
Nach dem Studium der Lösung ist die Nutzung sehr einfach und absolut flexibel - weitere Anpassungen sind schnell vollzogen.
Ich habe den Support bei technischen Problemen auf meiner Seite als hervorragend wahrgenommen - ebenso sehr geduldig.
Online-Dokumentation inklusive Tutorials auf der Webseite des Anbieters. Empfehlung: anschauen!
I used this to: Filterung von Blog-Beiträgen auf verschiedensten Vereins-Webseiten. Allerdings kann ich mir vorstellen, dass noch weitere Anwendungen dazukommen werden!

Great Filter and support

Posted on 23 November 2022
Great Filter in use and in look and feel, doing what you can expect
Ease of use
Easy to setup and easy to use with fast support making it a great filter to implement
I used this to: Using it as jobboard filter with jobs (as articles), for a professional look and feel

THE best filter

Posted on 19 November 2022
Just works like a clock.
Alongside Joomla 4 custom fields it opens a lot of potential if you want to build directories, blogs, etc.
Ease of use
If you have the slightest idea about databases you are ready to go immediately - others might have to spend 10 minutes getting it
Absolutely excellent ! Had some issues with indexing - but Support spent the time required to find the Joomla Smart Search problem
Does what is has to without being complicated. Easy to understand. Easy to access
I used this to: Directory building and Learning platform for construction industry professionals.
It allows to filter not only on Categories and on Tags... but also on Custom Fields.
That combination makes it super powerful.
See the demo
Ease of use
As it is powerful, it is worth checking the doc or seeing one of the several live presentations made by the developer at JoomlaDays etc.
Always to the point.
New feature are coming regularly.
See the presentations made ao at JoomlaDay USA, JoomlaDay D-A-CH and at BasicJoomla
Besides the classical documentation there are also nice tutorials.
I used this to: I use it on several sites.
The best usecase so far is probably this one: Mois du Doc (in Belgium)
(btw there is also a plugin allowing it to use it direclty in YOOtheme, which makes it even more powerful)
Works perfect in addition to Joomal 4 Smart Search if you want to limit search results with your created filters i.e. tags or custom fields
Ease of use
Component and modules are well explained and there's also a separate module to show the actual filter selections
Not needed, extensions works out of the box without any complications
A well done step by step documentation which explaines how to handle different filters and to combine them with smart search
I used this to: I use JFilters with a math site. Students can search within 1200 tasks, solutions and explanations and restrict the results i.e. by difficulty, task type or math category
it does one jobs and does that very well. The speed stays great.
Ease of use
Getting this up and running is a quick job without issues. Just read through the manual and it's an easy task
Support is very good and responsive. Nothing to complain about it just works.
With the documentation it's easy to setup alle the required settings and get your filter started.
I used this to: Filtering articles with custom fields in a site with many B&B's. The site is multi lingual and based on YOOtheme.
The component and the module are working as flawlessly as described!
Ease of use
Simple installation, tutorials on how to set up the cmoponent / modules.
Fast and reliable support - answered my question within the day!
There are simple step-by-step tutorials and examples on the developer's website.
I used this to: Filtering article based working positions by category, department and location.


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GPLv2 or later
Free download
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