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Balbooa Joomla Gallery is a Powerful Joomla Photo Gallery extension, allows you to create beautiful Joomla gallery with stunning grid layouts, easily and fast. Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery is simple for beginners and powerful for professionals. Balbooa Joomla Gallery is the ideal solution for creating portfolios or showcases. If you would like to create a modern looking photo gallery, Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery is what you need.

★ Modern Drag & Drop Admin Panel

Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery comes with a beautiful, modern, simple and user-friendly user interface which is easy to use and allows you to create amazing portfolios or image galleries easily and fast. Using Drag and Drop feature you can quickly manage photos and categories in your Joomla gallery. With help of context menu (Right-click menu) you can work faster and more efficient.

★ Frontend Image and Categories Management

Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery allows users to upload, rename and delete gallery photos and categories from the frontend. With Joomla ACL, you can configure user group permissions.

★ Modern Grid Layouts

Balbooa Joomla Gallery allows you to display photos in an incredibly beautiful and modern grid layouts. Make your Joomla gallery look more professional and unique. Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery comes with 6 types of grid layouts:

  • Tile Grid Layout

  • Justified Grid Layout

  • Masonry Grid Layout

  • Metro Grid Layout

  • Classic Grid Layout

  • Square Grid Layout

Justified and Masonry Grid Layouts generate thumbnails without cropping in original proportions. Also, you can set the number of columns and spacing between photos.

★ Gallery Pagination

Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery allows to break up long galleries into pages to make your Joomla! gallery more user-friendly. Joomla Gallery comes with different pagination styles:

  • Default

  • Load More

  • Infinite

  • Slider

  • Dots

★ Albums and Subcategories

Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery allows you to display photos in albums. Albums can include the unlimited number of subcategories. Organize and present your photo gallery more efficiently!

✔ Fully Responsive with Touch Swipe Support

Balbooa Joomla Gallery is Fully Responsive and gallery looks awesome on all screen sizes from mobile devices to desktops. Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery Supports Touch Swipe Navigation in the lightbox. For each device (desktop, tablet and smartphone) you can configure a specific number of the columns to display.

▼ Display Gallery Anywhere in Your Joomla

Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery comes with a flexible method of displaying Joomla galleries at the frontend. With help of shortcode system, you can easily add gallery to any part of your Joomla website. Joomla Articles, Custom HTML Modules and 3rd Party Extensions. Find the freedom with Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery.

✪ Disqus and VKontakte Comments

Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery allows to display the comments system for each photo or video. Increase social activity on your Joomla website. Your users can share photos and videos and write their opinion.

Supported comment systems:

  • Disqus

  • VKontakte

☺ Social Sharing

Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery allows your visitors to share photos across most popular social networks:

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • Google +

  • Pinterest

  • LinkedIn

  • Vkontakte

♫ YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud

Balbooa Joomla Gallery allows you to add video from YouTube, Vimeo or any other services which provide embed code.

® Protect Your Photos

Balbooa Joomla Gallery includes a set of tools which can protect your photos:

  • Watermark - protect your photos with custom watermarks. You can upload your watermark image file, configure opacity and watermark position

  • Disable Right Click

  • Disable Shortcuts

  • Disable Developer Console

✪ Powerful SEO Tools

Balbooa Joomla Gallery Include a set of powerful tools which can improve SEO for your Joomla website:

  • ALT Attribute - for gallery photos and album covers you can add unique alt tag

  • Search Engine Friendly URL's - each category and photo in the lightbox comes with own unique URL, URL can be changed in the admin panel. Create your own SEF urls!

  • Category Description - for each category you can add unique content with keywords and H1-H6 tags

► Speed Up Page Performance

Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery include performance tools, such as:

  • Lazy Load

  • Compress Thumbnails Quality

  • Page Refresh

Those tools help to improve your Joomla! website user experience by making page loading faster.

✔ Supported Languages

  • English (en-GB);

  • Catalan (ca-ES)

  • Czech (cs-CZ)

  • Dutch (nl-NL)

  • Estonian (et-EE)

  • Finnish (fi-FI)

  • French (fr-FR)

  • German (De-DE)

  • Lithuanian (lt-LT)

  • Persian (fa-IR)

  • Portuguese (pt-BR)

  • Spanish (es-ES)

  • Swedish (sv-SE)

❤ 10 Reasons To Love Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery

★ Intuitive User Experience

★ 6 Modern Grid Layouts

★ Frontend Management

★ Albums and Subcategories

★ Fully Responsive

★ Touch Swipe Support

★ Disqus and VKontakte Comments

★ Social Sharing

★ Modern Caption Hover Effects

★ Detailed Documentation

★ Try the Free Version Out Before a PRO Purchase

Before purchase the PRO version you can try Free version of Balbooa Joomla Gallery. Note! Free version of the Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery comes with limited functionality.

★ Download Free Version:

★ Compare Gallery versions:

★ Useful Links

★ Gallery Demo:

★ Gallery Page:

★ Download:

★ Documentation:

★ Video Docs:

★ Support Forum:

★ Changelist:

★ Tags

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Gridbox is the elementor of Joomla! It's everything you need to develop nice websites. I've tried quite a few but Gridbox is still the best.
Ease of use
Built quite a few websites with Gridbox and Forms. Can't live without it.
Once you buy a subscription, support is instant and very effective.
I never needed the documentation. Everything is pretty much straightforward.
Value for money
The bundle plan is a bit pricey but you get the value for your money. With the constant updates and improvements, you cannot go wrong.
I used this to: All my website design and development - from simple corporate websites to complex healthcare and e-commerce websites.

Świetna galeria

Posted on 16 April 2024
Bardzo dobra i ciągle rozwijana (co jest już niestety rzadkością na Joomla) galeria. Z łatwością można zrobić z niej również portfolio itp.
Ease of use
Banalnie łatwa obsługa, co ważne - wbudowany jest edytor obrazków, dzięki któremu możemy na wiele sposobów poprawić wgrane zdjęcie.
Jak w każdym ich komponencie - rewelacyjny, szybko odpowiadający support udzielający wszelkiej pomocy. Wzór do naśladowania dla innych dewów
Obszerna dokumentacja na stronie - a poza tym zawsze można zadać pytanie na forum deweloperów.
Value for money
Ostatnio ceny ich komponentów wzrosły i są, moim zdaniem, na styku opłacalności - ale wciąż na plus, warto kupić.
I used this to: Typowe galerie oraz portfolia (dzi?ki polu z opisem, które pojawia si? w lightbox z powi?kszonym zdj?ciem).

Excellent Support

Posted on 13 June 2023
Excellent functionality. Easy to use. little minor options which makes gallery a more suitable for the projects.
Ease of use
Very Easy to use as mentioned in the documentation. no activation issues.
To fix RTL Language issues in the gallery pagination option, I got support promptly via email. Appreciate the effort taken to fix it asap.
Very Good documentation with video guides for get the maximum out from the gallery
Value for money
with the free version and paid version getting the proper support on time. worth for money.
I used this to: Joomla web Projects for clients' websites. different gallery options make each website looks separate gallery being used.


Posted on 15 December 2022
Lots of features and everything works perfectly. There are a lot of options so you can customize nearly every aspect of your gallery
Ease of use
Installation was a breeze, no issues whatsoever. Just install, activate your license and start to create your gallery and customize it
Didn't need the developer help, but there's a support forum on his website if you need help
Lots of tutorials about installation, configuration and every feature available
Value for money
Excellent! Even the free version is really good. I needed some of the pro features and the price was a real bargain
I used this to: Showing my photography and 3d cgi images portfolio. The filter feature is perfect for letting the user choose which category he wishes to see
Macht was sie soll: Bilder anzeigen. Schnell und einfach ohne Komplikationen installiert und in meinem Beitrag jeweils platziert.
Ease of use
Eine der einfachsten Galerien die ich gefunden habe. Ohne Erklärung ganz schnell Kategorien erstellt und meine Arbeiten hochgeladen.
Die Website bietet viele Informationen. Den Support muss man dafür nicht extra anschreiben bei Kleinigkeiten.
Value for money
Ich benutze die kostenlose Version. Reicht für mich aus, da diese schon super funktioniert. Ansonsten wären 28$ völlig in Ordnung.
I used this to: Ich benutze die Galerie auf meiner Website. Als Künstlerin, Grafikerin und Illustratorin bin ich in vielen Bereichen tätig und habe seit Jahren verschiedene Sachen gemacht. Da ist es wichtig alles geordnet, schnell bearbeitbar und ansprechend unter einen Hut zu bekommen.
Funktioniert super mit der Joomla 4.1 Version. Schaut Euch das Demo an.
Ease of use
Einfach aber ungewöhnlich zu bedienen. Für eine einfache Galerie reicht die free Version vollkommen aus
Value for money
Kostet nichts, aber ich überlege mir die Vollversion zu kaufen um dem Hersteller auf diese Art zu entlohnen.
I used this to: Ich benutze die Galerie für eine Restaurantseite zur Präsentation von Gerichten
Everything these people put out is more than enough to create stunning functional e-commerce sites. I've been using them for over 10 years.
Ease of use
It couldn't be easier. Upload, go to gallery, create category and away you go!
They are super friendly and helpful, respond very quickly. 100000% Recommend
Complete and they are super helpful. It's all laid out everything you would need to know.
Value for money
100% you're either using this and looking like a pro or using something else
I used this to: every site I make that requires image galleries. not just this but all their extensions GRIDBOX, FORMS and GALLERY. These guys are literally the best!. Highly Recommend.
I both use the Pro and the Free version in different websites and both do extremely well for their purpose.
Ease of use
Balbooa Gallery has a bit of a learning curve, which you can easily master by using it as you go.
Since I didn't need to call for support, this tells a good story of its own. It does it's job very well by itself.
The documentation is comprehensive and very detailed. Read it (!)
Value for money
When your users have high demands, such as professional photographers, Balbooa Gallery delivers on the promise really well.
I used this to: from sites for professional photographers as well as travel guides

Simple and Elegant

Posted on 02 November 2021
Not disappointed me in anyway up to now, even better that I am using the free version
Ease of use
It easy to use apart from the place of uploading photos from video, folder and desktop its a bit confusing but manageable on double click
Using the free version will try the paid version when need be but as for now the free version is functioning well without support
the extension is clear to use even without manual, not gone through their manual yet
Value for money
the free version is superb! may will use the paid version on upgraded features
I used this to: my website to display portfolio, gallery, projects on our website sinosoft (dot) guru


Posted on 25 February 2021
Perfecto para gestionar galerías de imágenes e integrarlas en artículos. Muchas posibilidades de presentación, gráficamente impecable.
Ease of use
Muy fácil de usar y muy intuitiva. El backend está muy bien diseñado.
Muy rápido y eficaz, es fantástico contar con este importante respaldo
Cuidada y precisa. Casi no es ni necesaria, pero siempre está bien contar con ella.
Value for money
Merece la pena la versión de pago, la cantidad de presentaciones para elegir hace a la extensión mucho más versátil
I used this to: Presentaciones de imágenes de eventos, portfolios... La mejor extensión que he probado (y han sido muchas)


Balbooa Joomla Forms is an Advanced Joomla Form Builder. Create Joomla Contact Forms, Feedback Forms, Online Surveys or any other types of forms. Balbooa Joomla Forms is a Drag and Drop Forms Builder that allows you to quickly and easily build modern and beautiful Joomla forms without touching a line of code. Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder is the best solution If you would like to create a modern a...


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