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This is the most flexible and functional module to display Joomla news and articles. This professional developer tool perfectly complements basic Joomla Content Component, giving you complete freedom to present your content in a limitless variety of ways. Its friendly and intuitive administration makes your work easy, powerful and effective.

This multipurpose module easily replaces a bunch of extensions like latest news, popular articles, random news, display news, frontpage news etc. No more need for many strictly specialized Joomla content modules – RAXO All-mode PRO takes care of it all. Save your time and efforts and become more efficient.


Display news from:
- Current category (autodetection);
- One or several selected categories;
- Just some separate articles.

Separate settings for TOP & regular items
- easy way to enhance the most important news with larger text and bigger thumbnails

Truly wide list of filter options:
- Predefined date filters:
Today, Yesterday, This week, Last week, This month, Last month, This year, Last year
This day in history, This month in history
- Specified time interval (from Start date to End date)
- Relative date range (from X days ago to Y days ago)
- filter by Joomla tags
- filtrate articles by author or author alias
- display only the articles written by the logged-in user
- show teasers of non-public content to attract site visitors to the paid area of the site
- show/hide featured articles
- exclude some articles by ID

16 ordering options, including such extremely useful like:
- latest news, most popular news, most rated articles, most or latest commented news, random news

Automatic thumbnail creation from images in your articles
- default image when no images in the articles
- thumbnails from images located on other sites

Easy to configure a unique set of content elements:
- title, thumbnail, text, date, author, rating, number of comments, etc.

One module, many looks!
- Template support lets you use different layouts for the same module depending on design and task needs.
- You get 4 awesome built-in templates, including pinterest like template. All of them very flexible and fully responsive.
- Expand your module theme collection with ready-to-use additional layouts.
- Option to create your own templates - no limits for your imagination.


  • display latest news with thumbnails;
  • compose a dynamic main page of automatically renewable news blocks;
  • more inviting category pages with useful news block in sidebar;
  • display popular or the most commented news for a certain period of time (day/week/month);
  • display your goods/products/news, or show you portfolio, or anything else that requires format "image + info".


  • Friendly and intuitive administration panel
  • Smart title and text limitation (preserves whole words & HTML tags)
  • Hide module on article pages and show it on category page
  • Most popular comment systems supported: JComments, JA Comment, Komento, CComment, sliComments, RSComments!
  • Date type selection: created date, modification date or start publishing date
  • Skip some items in order not to duplicate those already displayed by another module copy
  • Display module inside an article body
  • Several module copies on one page
  • Highly optimized module code for better performance on big sites

Best Joomla Content Display

Posted on 13 December 2023
Unparalleled level of functionality when it comes to displaying Joomla news and articles.
Ease of use
While the extension boasts powerful features, its user-friendly interface makes it surprisingly simple to configure
Outstanding customer support responsive, knowledgeable, and genuinely committed to helping me
The extension comes with a well-documented guide that covers the majority of its features and functionalities
Value for money
The extension has significantly enhanced the visual appeal and accessibility of my site
I used this to: Enhancing the functionality for news and articles displayed on my website
Such a great product, its give endless possibilities how you can design your elements
Ease of use
Quite easy to use needs to ready the documentations once but then its self explanatory
Yeah this is the best of it, we needed some custom setup and we got help in 30 min at Sunday afternoon..! 5 star!!
Fully documented and also has a forum with tons of subjects, you will find answers to your question there
Value for money
Absolutely worth it, its just brings your website to another level! Actually i would sell it on higher price.. :D
I used this to: Our website needed some polishing and with this module we brig it to the next level

Very versatile module

Posted on 04 November 2023
Many posibilities to customize the module output, to your needs.
Ease of use
Simple to use and the settings of the module are quite intuitive.
Usually answers in short time, and with good solutions to one needs.
Value for money
The module is good value for money, and I can recommend using it.
I used this to: A slideshow on a gallery site showing featured articles. News on a hunting website.
For me the extension displays (news) articles in a nice layout in different areas of a Joomla site.
Ease of use
Easy to use and style. Easiest way is to override extension styles by duplicating in your custom css file.
Had some minor issues after migrating from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4 and this was resolved quickly by Raxo's friendly support.
Comprehensive and informative enough. Support provides help if you can't work something out.
Value for money
Raxo All-mode Pro is a paid extension that provides value for money.
I used this to: An association website to deliver news articles in a masonry-style column format.
I have just redesigned a site that is All RAXO all the time. My team loves RAXO.
Ease of use
Once you learn how one layout works, the settings for the others are all similar. Very logical. It is a LOT of fun seeing what RAXO can do.
These guys provide good support and timely support. I am very happy with all the support I have received over the years.
The documentation is really great. What I like the most is how they help you to know the various ways to use their class files.
Value for money
RAXO All-Mode Pro is a great value for the money. I hope you read this and decide to buy it. That will help keep them in business.
I used this to: Making image heavy websites look really great. In fact, I have one site where I am replacing all Joomla Category and Subcategory pages with purely RAXO modules.

Excellent & Well Supported

Posted on 07 January 2023
Contains all the functionality needed for displaying articles in any format desired.
Ease of use
Difficult to learn, but well worth taking the time to learn how it works.
The module is well-supported with usually 24-hour response time.
Little documentation; but, support is available to assist with learning or issues.
Value for money
The module is a great value for the money. I was not able to find another solution for displaying articles.
I used this to: I am using this module for a shopping website that will be launched soon.

Kein Support

Posted on 20 November 2022
Probleme mit alten Versionen, wenn man auf Joomla 4 aktualisiert und die "Prime-Ansicht" nutzt.
Ease of use
Nach einer Einarbeitung geht es, nicht so einfach zu Beginn. Danach relativ gut
Kein Zugang zum Forum möglich, Anfragen werden nicht beantwortet
Nur möglich, wenn man noch im Bezahltplan ist, sollte er mal unterbrochen werden, dann gibt es Probleme mit dem Zugang dazu
Value for money
Raxo ist nicht günstig. Man erkennt auch nicht sofort, was man braucht und kauft meist mehr als nötig.
I used this to: Beitragsdarstellung von verschiedenen Beiträge in verschiedenen Kategorien
Owner's reply: Oliver, we're sorry you're so frustrated with temporary issues logging into the support forum. But you have exhausted all attempts due to re-entering incorrect authorization data. We did our best to help you with your account and your forgotten password and you got a response from us within one hour on Sunday! Do you think this is bad support?

The module's documentation is public and does not even require registration

You have access to the forum and to the support service. We have the best support on the market. You just try before you claim otherwise.

And to be honest, Oliver, it's strange to see such a negative review from you, our longtime client who regularly renews his subscription and actively uses this module on his sites!?? You say that Module + additional Prime layout does not work for you - But almost all your sites ACTIVELY use them on their main pages ( e.g. NRW Football ) right now.

I really hope that this was a temporary dissatisfaction and you will change your mind. If you really have difficulties, we hope that you will let us know and we will solve them.

Great extension

Posted on 28 March 2022
Fast loading. Ease of use. The settings are extremely simple. There is everything you need to visualize materials on the site.
Ease of use
Easily figured out the settings. I use Joomla 4 and the Raxo extension.
Didn't contact support. After payment, I immediately received a link to download the extension. Everything is fine!
All clear. Information about the extension on the official website clearly demonstrates the necessary settings.
Value for money
With this application, Joomla becomes a fantastically beautiful and convenient site for me!
I used this to: Thank you very much! I specifically registered on the site to write my review here.
Easy to install, simple to modify. Great to have the option to choose module on/off when viewing the selected article.
Ease of use
Install as any plugin. Change the values and positions to the module created and publish.
Great! All issues has been solved within few hours, maximum a day. E-mail correspondence is swift and efficient
Their forum is full of useful tips and tricks sorted out by module items.
Value for money
Absolutely. I have most of the Raxo-modules now and will continue using them.
I used this to: Private photo-blog to present my articles in a professional way.

Great modules and plugins!

Posted on 02 November 2020
Maybe everything and even more. The modules are flexible, have a variety of settings, and have different color schemes.
Ease of use
It is very easy to use and install, it is installed like a regular extension.
The developer answers questions quickly and in detail on the support forum and by email. The forum has a lot of useful information/
Very detailed documentation, easy to understand. It describes any options for using the module and plugins.
Value for money
The buying process is very simple. The product is worth the money. I have never regretted that I bought it. Good price!
I used this to: I use the module and plugins for my sites, which look very good thanks to these solutions.
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RAXO All-mode PRO

RAXO Group
Last updated:
Nov 29 2023
7 months ago
Date added:
Feb 16 2010
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
J3 J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System


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