News Display, Article Elements

This plugin add the ability to split a long article into multiple linked pages. The splits are added using the 'Page break' button editor. The plugin add extra feature compare to the default Joomla pagebreak plugin.

Key features

  • Split a content or a personal page into a multiple linked pages
  • Compatible with the Joomla articles, BS MyJspace personal page content, K2 items & category list, ZOO for blog & text and FLEXIcontent items
  • Ability to include the pagebreak css for the template with no pagebreak compatibility
  • Ability to select position (left or right)
  • Ability to show (default) or Hide index heading (Custom text or J!1.6+ Category)
  • Ability to display a table of contents on multipage
  • Ability to display the full page link
  • Ability to display a page counter
  • Ability to select index style: regular (default), Rollup, Dropdown (css or select), Slider or Tab (component dependant)
  • Ability to select a class name for the index heading
  • Ability to show all 'pages' as default
  • Others options and abilities
  • Languages (fr-FR & en-GB included)

Excellent plugin

Posted on 31 October 2018
It does exactly what it says. I use it for a website with K2 which does not support pagebreak
Ease of use
just install and enable, and the magic is done
had little problems with canonical urls, solved in no time with the developer
easy to read, easy to apply
I used this to: A website with K2 installed, and K2 (don't know why...) does not support pagebreak for it's articles
Very good
Ease of use
Works almost like core joomla - but with extra futures
I don't know - have no problems

Nice and Simple Plugin

Posted on 21 October 2014
Very simple to install and setup. Lots of nice features. Works like a charm with K2 v2.6.8 and Joomla v2.5.27. Thank you for this plugin as the default pagebreak does not work with K2.
Very good and useful addon

It is exactly what I needed!

It does what it should do. Very easy to translate. You can also easily adjust CSS style to your needs.

Perfect addon :)


Posted on 06 November 2013
This plugin not only deserves 5 stars, but the creator deserve a medal for fixing a ridiculous oversight in the K2 framework. Thank you for making this available!
Thank you! I just installed to work with the Zoo extention in a Yootheme template and it works beautifully! I was tearing my hair out before trying to figure out why I could not make multiple pages inherently with JCE editor. Your extension is the solution.

K2 Cache Problem

Posted on 11 September 2013
It looks great and work on k2 but as soon as the cache system get enabled, the pagination does not work. I test it my live website, everything work perfectly but as soon as I logged out, I figured out that the pagination does not work.

I test it with latest K2 . J2.5 version.
Owner's reply: Hello, for the support can you contact me on my website ?
If pagination could be made according to the type of heading in an article, it would be just paradise. But it deserves five stars anyway, because it is smart, finely adjustable, and it's the only extension able to solve the terrible page-break mistakes in the otherwise valid K2 cck versions (one of the few bugs I couldn't find a solution or workaround myself). And it generates a nice article indexing too! Thumbs up guys, great job.
I can not make delay in rating this wonderful extension. I tried it with K2 and solved K2 page break problem like in a magic. My rating is Seven Stars ******* not Five Star


Posted on 30 July 2013
plugin in beta version works perfectly.

I first try this was not in beta version but had a little problem with previus link pages... and the developper has been really sympathique and great, answer quickly.

All this for FREE !!! incredible.

I think this is one of the best plugin and dev is on the top 10 devs on the JED.

really happy with that.
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Bernard Saulmé
Last updated:
Mar 29 2021
3 years ago
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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