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Commedia - a component and content plugin that allows you to create a content list containing all of the audios (MP3's, M4a's, WAV's) or videos (MP4's, M4v's, FLV's) that are present in any directory of your site, a FTP-server (folder, single path to ftp-file) or a HTTP(S)-server (folder, single path to http-file or http-radio). It have to play YouTube video also.

For mobile devices without Flash Commedia will fallback to HTML5 playback.

Works on multi-language sites (English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Arabian, Czech, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Danish (only Frontpage), Turkish are included, or you are able to add your own language file in the language folder).

You can play, upload and download files with names in your own language encoding (cyrillic, armenian, spanish for example), so You do not need rename Your files into latin characters.

It has cover, volume control, rating, down-count, play-count, auto-play, filter, repeat button, pagination (classic and modern), user upload, FB social button, timer and some other functions.

It can show the list of subfolders in the root music or video folder.

It can play single file in popup window.

It allows you to set a single path to the folder or one file with variable.

It can automatically find and play music or video from all subfolders and the root folder.

It allows for setting up files to play automatically after another one ends.

It automatically stops or pauses the current playing file when a new one is selected on the page.

You can use sorting order by rating, download-count, artist, title, album, track number, genre and date of the file (ascending, descending) or by random order.

It allows use of your own styles for player and its buttons.

It allows user access control for groups of users that can download, upload or voting songs.

You can set up the number of days that a file is still considered new. It will display the label NEW in line.

Every file has a link to its details page with comment system (provided by JComments), but you can disable it.

HTML-code is validated on

Notice 1:
Commedia can not get ID3-tags information from file on external server: FTP.

Notice 2:
The recommended encoding WAV-file options are:
* 8-bit and 16-bit linear PCM
* Only codec "1" (PCM) is supported.
* IMA ADPCM isn't supported!

Notice 3:
Commedia can not automatically stop or pause the current playing YouTube video when a new one is selected on the page. You can't get down-count or play-count and set styling for YouTube also.

Commedia - это компонент и контентный плагин, который позволит Вам создать в материале таблицу, содержащую все аудио-(MP3's, M4a's, WAV's) или видеофайлы (MP4's, M4v's, FLV's), размещенные в любой папке Вашего сайта, на FTP-сервере (папка, одиночный файл) or a HTTP(S)-сервере (папка, одиночный файл или ссылка на http-радио). Он может также воспроизводить видео с YouTube.

Для мобильных устройств без поддержки Flash Commedia использует HTML5.

Работает на много-язычных сайтах (English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Arabian, Czech, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Danish (только Frontpage), Turkish языки встроены, также Вы можете добавить свой собственный языковой файл в Commedia.

Вы можете воспроизводить, загружать и скачивать файлы с именами в Вашей собственной кодировке (кирилическая, армянская, испанска и другие), то есть Вам не нужно переименовывать файлы в латинницу.

В расширении поддерживается отображение обложки, регулирование громкости звука, рейтинг, отображение количества скачиваний файлов, количества прослушиваний файлов, автовоспроизведение после загрузки страницы, фильтр, повтор песни определенное количество раз, постраничная навигация (классическая и современная), пользовательская загрузка файлов, социальная кнопка FB, таймер и многие другие функции.

Вы можете отобразить список подпапок в корневой папке с Вашими аудио- или видеофайлами.

Есть возможность воспроизвести одиночный файл во всплывающем окне.

Вы можете задать в тегах как путь к папке, так и путь к одиночному файлу.

Commedia автоматически найдет и отобразит все файлы из указанной Вами папки и вложенных в неё подпапок.

Воспроизведение следующего файла начнется автоматически после завершения текущего (данную опцию можно отключить).

Любая песня автоматически остановится или постановится на паузу (в зависимости от настройки), как только Вы включили для прослушивания другую.

Вы можете использовать сортировку по рейтингу, количеству скачиваний, имени исполнителя, названию песни, альбома, номеру трека, жанру и дате изменения файла. Доступна сортировка по возрастанию, убыванию и случайным образом.

Вы можете подключить собственные CSS-стили для проигрывателя и его кнопок.

Возможно настроить группам пользователей доступ к скачиванию, закачке файлов или голосованию.

Вы можете задать количество дней, в течение которого каждый файл будет считаться новым. Возле него появится соответствующая метка NEW.

Под каждым файлом по умолчанию есть ссылка на страницу с детальным описанием и возможностью комментирования с помощью JComments. Вы можете отключить её в настройках.

HTML-код проверен на

Предупреждение 1:
Commedia не может получить информацию из ID3-тегов файлов, размещенных на FTP.

Предупреждение 2:
Рекомендуемая кодировка WAV-файлов:
* 8-bit and 16-bit linear PCM
* Only codec "1" (PCM) is supported.
* IMA ADPCM isn't supported!

Предупреждение 3:
Если Вы вставили ссылку на YouTube файл, то Commedia не может автоматически воспроизводить его после загрузки страницы или ставить на паузу/стоп файл при выборе другого на странице. Также для You недоступен подсчет количества скачиваний/воспроизведений и настройка стилей. Это связано с отображением видео в отдельном FRAME-окне.

Excellent. Does everything I need, with clear and simple presentation.
Ease of use
Good intuitive interface for end user. easy to install for site Administrator. Many options for configuration, including customised CSS.
Quick, helpful, and effective. A technical problem sorted out with no delay. Highly recommended.
Online instructions and examples provided all the answers to my questions, and a configuration setup wizard was particularly useful.
Value for money
Highly recommended. The cost is low when compared with other similar extensions. Commedia was my first choice and I was not disappointed.
I used this to: After migrating to Joomla 4, I needed a low-cost, high functioning Playlist extension which was compatible with the upgrade, and most of the Joomla 3 Audio Playlists did not bother to upgrade. I use it to provide audio samples of classical and orchestral music.
It does what it says better then any other components I've used in the last 15 and some years.
Ease of use
Very easy to configure and use
The best I've seen. The developer looks into the issue, comes back with solutions and even fixes the problem for you on your on website.
Straight forward, great samples and demos.
Value for money
Very affordable and worth every dollar.
I used this to: I use it to play mp3's from local website folder. It does great job
Commedia scans your music folders and gathers them into a table. Each folder is as named so you can easily manage your files for the player.
Ease of use
It's just a simple line for the file path on whichever page you wish to set the player. I'm a complete novice but I had no problems with it
Anton is very helpful and replies quickly to explain or help.
There is a lot of useful stuff on the commedia forum, where most issues are dealt with and relevant documentation pointed to.
Value for money
Why did I spend months looking for a player that would do what this does when all i had to do was spend £10 to get exactly what I wanted?
I used this to: my album and all of the individual track on my website. It offers downloads that can be turned on or off as well as social media etc.
Ability to load complete FTP-Folders with mp3 files as playlists saved me hours.
Ease of use
Simple plugincode with extra Editor-Button. Can not be done easier.
Developer solved Issue with another plugin compatibility in no time - BIG thank you!
Value for money
I used this to: A church website

Great extention

Posted on 12 January 2015
This is a great, easy to use, stable application that can play my MP3 and video files. Easy to customize and easy to add files.
Ease of use
This is a user friendly Joomla plugin, easy to customize the skin, the feature and sorting files. I was loo
Great support.
Many online documentation in how to use and customize Commedia plugin.
Value for money
Great plugin for the price with many features.
I used this to: I use this plugin for a christian website that has over 300 audio files for different artists. It could not be any easier to add media files to albums, or artists.
Owner's reply: Thank You very much for Your review. :)

Excellent Support

Posted on 23 December 2014
Although many other plugins looks similar, the added features surpasses what is available
Ease of use
Install the plugin and play. Easy to use and to adapt
Excellent, excellent, excellent. Anton spend 3 hours on my website finding a solution for a Jquery conflict caused by another plugin.
Good examples exist which you can follow
Value for money
Great value for money.
I used this to: Podcasts
This is a great .mp3 player. You can costumize variables like downloads, colours, and more. The support is excelent!

I just installed Commedia with such ease. I was able to totally configure it (customize options) in just a few minutes. The options available are great and provide a great deal of flexibility. This is a GREAT joomla extension. I highly recommend this tool.


Posted on 16 July 2014
This is a GREAT extension. I first had some problems with the plugin interfering with another player on the site but the developer took time and re-coded the player at no extra charge to make sure it works fine for my specific needs. Highly recommend!


Posted on 03 July 2014
Wow! Great extension - perfect for playing music on my website, and easy to use. The support is second-to-none. Get on it!
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