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AppsConda for Joomla - Unleash The Power of Native Mobile Apps with Your Joomla Site!

Introducing "AppsConda" for Joomla 4 - a revolutionary component designed to propel Joomla website administrators into the mobile age. Seamlessly transform your Joomla website into high-performance Android and iOS native mobile apps, all while maintaining a real-time connection with your Joomla website through Restful API.


  • Real-time Data Synchronization: AppsConda utilizes Restful API to fetch data directly from your Joomla website, ensuring that your mobile app is always up-to-date with the latest content and updates.

  • Native App Generation: No more settling for simple web-view wrappers. Produce genuine native mobile applications using native components for the pinnacle of speed and user experience.

  • Persistent Login: Offer an enhanced user experience by eliminating the hassle of repeated sign-ins. With persistent login, access becomes a breeze!

  • Push Notifications: Drive user engagement with immediate push notifications. Ensure your audience stays connected and informed on-the-go.

  • Broad 3rd Party Integrations: Expand your app's horizons with integrated support for popular extensions like:
    Event Booking
    Helpdesk Pro
    YouTube Channel
    Kunena Forum
    SP Easy Image Gallery, and many more!

  • Instant Compilation: Streamline your app development process. A few configurations post-installation are all it takes to compile and bring your app to life.

Empower Your Joomla Experience:
Transition beyond the confines of traditional platforms. With AppsConda, step into the expansive mobile app domain, delivering an unmatched experience tailor-made for mobile devices. Dive deep, leverage the rich feature set, and redefine your Joomla site's mobile presence.

Elevate your Joomla site. Choose AppsConda. Welcome to the future.

It is very functional, it uses the interface of the Joomla webpages if need be. perfect tool.
Ease of use
The most easy app I have ever used. Easy to port to Android and to iOS. no hasle.
Excellent, very self explanatory YouTube videos, well explained and concise. A must support.
Perfect well explained and concise, self explanatory documentation
I used this to: Development in an Ubuntu Linux environment adn all works flawlessly
Too little native functionality to make it really useful. Also in terms of design there are no options besides the css of webview items
Ease of use
Easy to install. Easy of use if you don't mind it's limitations.
Non existent. There is little to no response on the forum. Any other form of contact is non existent.
2 YouTube videos, thats pretty much it. There is little response on questions/suggestions on the forum. Probably cause it's free ...for now
I used this to: Not gonna use it. Lacks offline usability, custom design and missing native functionalities besides push notifications which are not targetable to certain pre defined user groups.
Owner's reply: (1) For design options, you can change the logo, font-size, color, button-color, etc. For the webview, you can apply css codes that affects the website only on the mobile app. How cool is that!

(2) The Forum is well-monitored. ALL the questions in the Forum have been answered. How great is that!

(3) The YouTube videos shows the entire steps about creating the app and configuring the options. And any other questions are answered in the Forum. And all of these are provided for FREE.

(4) This is the ONLY extension that allows to create a native mobile app. Great!


Posted on 04 January 2024
Unmatched features. Such a great extension. The only extension that can build a mobile app.
Ease of use
Very easy to use. No complain. Could not be easier. Intuitive features and user interface.
Support is so great. Very active support forum. Didn't have to ask any help though.
The video tutorials are great. Love it. The developer docs are also useful.
I used this to: For building mobile apps, both android and iOS. The apps are working great.

Very Nice

Posted on 03 January 2024
The functionality is very very good. This is the only kind of extension in Joomla and I am very thankful about it.
Ease of use
This is super easy to use. I just installed it, compiled the app and did the configurations. Very Very Easy.
I didn't need any support, but the support forum is very active. So, I am sure the support is good as well.
The video tutorials are more than enough. All the options are self explanatory and very easy to use.
I used this to: Used this for creating the android app for my website. The app is so good. I am loving it.

Very Good Extension

Posted on 02 January 2024
I think this is the most useful extension in the entire JED. I really like its innovation.
Ease of use
This is an easy to use extension. And the video tutorials are so very helpful.
The Forum support is outstanding. Every question is answered and suggestions are provided. And all of these are free.
The video tutorials are the documentation. I also like the Developers' documentation that is available. These are very useful.
I used this to: I used this extension to develop an iOS app for my Joomla based website. The app is so fast, responsive and very useful. I am liking it.
At last, I found an extension that creates an apk file ready for upload to the mobile stores! It does a great job.
Ease of use
The component interface is relatively easy to understand. The structure of the different parts of the extension is easy to follow.
Support is super fast and detailed. I could not ask for more! I asked a few questions. All were answered within an hour!
I used this to: Creating a mobile app file that I can upload to mobile app stores.

Much Needed Extension

Posted on 01 January 2024
The functionality is great. It works great without any issues. It supports all kinds of Joomla extensions.
Ease of use
Its as easy as it could get. You just install it, configure it and compile the app.
Didn't need any support. The tutorials on the website are enough to get started and compile the app.
The documentation is good enough. Its all well described. The videos are super helpful.
I used this to: I used this extension to create a mobile app for my Joomla based website.

Useful Extension

Posted on 24 December 2023
It has a great functionality. It has lots of features and my use case was easily met. Loved it.
Ease of use
It was very easy to use. The options are self explanatory and I didn't have any issue using it.
The video tutorials were great and explanatory. All the instructions were clear and it met my requirements.
I didn't need any documentation. The video tutorials were enough for me.
I used this to: I used this to develop a mobile app for my Joomla website. The mobile app is so responsive and quick to navigate.

Very Valuable Extension

Posted on 10 December 2023
AppsConda impresses with its extensive functionality, providing Joomla users with a powerful toolset to develop mobile applications.
Ease of use
AppsConda strikes a balance between power and accessibility, making it suitable for both novice Joomla users and experienced developers.
AppsConda offers commendable customer support, responding promptly to user queries and issues. The development team seems dedicated.
The documentation for AppsConda is comprehensive, offering a wealth of information to guide users through the installation and development.
I used this to: I use AppsConda to extend the functionality of my Joomla website by creating a dedicated mobile app for my audience. The seamless integration allows me to keep my content up-to-date across both platforms effortlessly.

Don't use, it's a virus

Posted on 22 October 2023
It looks like it works, but the APK file you get from the plugin has a trojan (TrendMicro-HouseCall TROJ_GEN.R002V01IS23).
Ease of use
Kinda weird has no help to getting started, but never should be used because it has a trojan.
I used this to: To make an app for my website for my phone.......................
Owner's reply: Hi Kristian,
The generated APK is all clean. I can confirm that because it is generated through the clean project of flutter. And do you think that Google Play Store will publish the apk file if it contains any virus? Come on! It is assured that the app will DEFINITELY be accepted and published by Google Play Store.

If you have any issue/concern, please continue the conversation in our active Forum. Its so weird that, you have not even initiated a conversation in the Forum, and have posted negative review without any screenshot.

You mentioned "Kinda weird has no help to getting started". The AppsConda website has all the needed video tutorials as well as such an active Forum. What kind of other help are you looking for?


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Dec 20 2023
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Oct 12 2023
GPLv2 or later
Free download
c p
J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System


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