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Increase your sites lead generation with this easy to use, newsletter signup for a download module. Build lists, export CSV files and import them easitly into your email manager client of choice. Easy to install and quick to set up.

Super easy list builder!

Increase your sales funnel with emailing lists and qualified leads by offering your users a download in exchange for joining your mailing list. This could be any incentive to get them to sign up, a free e-book, mp3, video, document – any file type at all! You can provide an image to make your offer clear and attractive and then all the user has to do is enter their address and agree to your terms and conditions page. Click on download and voilá! Another email address for your next email campaign and a happy user with their downloaded file. It couldn’t be simpler!

It’s so simple, you can even run multiple instances at the same time! Specific downloads, special audiences, unique offers! Its up to your imagination to capture the potential. Of course accessing your new newsletter recipients is just as easy, with a simple link for downloading a csv file from the module administration. Simply select the CSV tab underneath Basic options and Click! Choose save file and Ok and your list downloads, is ready to be integrated into your existing email lists in a click. When opening in excel or calc you have to choose separate by ; (semicolon) and presto! its done.

Nice job but
- No Joomla! Update System
- No L10n (language switsh)
Ease of use
Super easy to install + works immediatly
Admin Edit Switch

Admin Edit Switch

By CNP Integrations
Admin Publishing
Admin Edit Switch is a Plugin and Module combination that allows you to quickly switch between editors without having to return to your profile or global settings....
Admin Last Links

Admin Last Links

By CNP Integrations
Admin Navigation
Admin Last Links is a Plugin and Module combination for quickly accessing your last visited links while working in the admin area of your Joomla site. This can reduce the number of windows you need to keep open and allow you to return to most recent locations that you have navigated to in your Joomla! Admin area....
Admin Session Extend

Admin Session Extend

By CNP Integrations
Admin Session Extend is a utility that allows you to extend the administrators user session. This can be helpful to admins that want to keep their sessions active while jumping between activities. This is a collection of 2 plugins that work together. The Remember me backend provides remember me functionality. Session Extend will work as follows: If user does not opt for remember me, this plugin wi...
Viralturbo Marketing

Viralturbo Marketing

By CNP Integrations
Social Content Locks
Get your Viral buzz set to Turbo Charge! Users Simply "Share to Download" and everybody wins! Do you need to get your company or your product out there for free, through a successful viral marketing campaign? Music files, product catalogs, software, discount coupons and more can now benefit from the speed of positive review using social media! Our simple viral marketing module makes getting the...

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Last updated:
Nov 19 2014
9 years ago
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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