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Linguise Joomla component offers a direct connection to our automatic, high-quality translation service, with possible access to multiple translators for content revision. The automatic translation is free during the first month and up to 600 000 translated words (1200 pages of 500 words!), no language number or page view limitation. Increase your website traffic with instant translations in more than 80 languages and get 40% more traffic from Google, Baidu or Yandex search engines.

Automatic translation extension main features

High-quality Joomla automatic translations

  • Best in class Cloud AI translation models
  • Up to 90% of a human translator quality
  • Automatic translation of all your Joomla website
  • Full content, SEO ranked translations including URLs
  • 80+ languages available
  • Uses the latest and updated translation models
  • Translate your website in 10 minutes
  • Translation models automatically updated (translation quality)
  • Translate WordPress dynamic Ajax content

Joomla automatic translation revisions

  • From the Linguise translation dashboard, edit translation and manage translators
  • Register translators by language and by website for translation revision
  • Font-end automatic translations edition
  • Apply global rule to replace any content all over the website
  • Apply global rule to exclude any content from translation all over the website
  • Exclude and replace content by language, URL or CSS class
  • Multi-account management with user permission (translators, Manager, Admins)

Joomla SEO optimized automatic translations

  • URL and full-page content translation
  • Alternate, default-x tag
  • HTML language tag generation
  • Canonical URL generation
  • .xml sitemap translations
  • Super-fast translated page display
  • No impact on original, non-translated page loading time
  • Increase SEO rank of large Eshop
  • Tested on the major “search console” tools: Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu

Joomla language switcher

  • Language switcher flags integration using Joomla menu
  • Language switcher flags displayed using popup
  • Language switcher flags displayed side by side
  • Language flag display in floating or fixed position
  • Language switcher flag integration using PHP snippet
  • Super light multilingual plugin with less CSS and .svg flags
  • Automatically get Linguise language configuration with the API Key
  • Local cache option for translations and translated URLs
  • Automatic redirect based on browser language
  • Possibility to display language names in English or in original language

Joomla integration

  • Joomla search integration, search in multilingual content
  • Compatible with Joomla native multilingual

Automatic translation prices details

  • $165 per year for a translation volume of 200 000 words, one month free testing, no credit card
  • More than 10 times cheaper than a human translation
  • All the manual translation are not part of the word count, just the automatic translations
  • Unlimited plan available for big websites
  • The most competitive prices on the market

Linguise translation main links

  • Joomla details:
  • Register an account and get API Key:
  • Yearly prices:
  • Translation quality demo:
  • Legal mentions:

We offer the component installation and configuration for free on your Joomla website! Just search for it in the middle of our home page:
We do provide support for any type of usage, a direct support link is accessible in the Linguise dashboard or on our main website:

**Important note: **To avoid any confusion, Linguise is not a free-for-ever automatic translation extension. High-quality, SEO optimized, and translation revision features comes with a price that we are trying to maintain as affordable as possible. As mentioned, we offer a one-month free trial with 600k words included and the translation involves an API key to start.

Le module Linguise Joomla offre une connexion directe à notre service de traduction automatique de haute qualité, avec un accès possible à plusieurs traducteurs pour la révision du contenu. La traduction automatique est gratuite le premier mois et jusqu'à 400 000 mots traduits, sans numéro de langue ni limitation de pages vues. Augmentez le trafic de votre site Web avec des traductions instantanées dans plus de 80 langues et obtenez 40% de trafic en plus des moteurs de recherche Google, Baidu ou Yandex.

Remarque importante : pour éviter toute confusion, Linguise n'est pas une extension de traduction automatique gratuite pour toujours. Des fonctionnalités de haute qualité, optimisées pour le référencement et de révision de traduction sont proposées à un prix que nous essayons de maintenir aussi abordable que possible. Comme mentionné, nous proposons un essai gratuit d'un mois avec 400 000 mots inclus et la traduction implique une clé API pour commencer.

Principales fonctionnalités de l'extension de traduction automatique

Meilleure qualité de traduction automatique neuronale (NMT)
Jusqu'à 90% d'une qualité de traducteur humain
Traduction automatique de tout votre site Joomla
Contenu complet, traductions classées SEO, y compris les URL
80+ langues disponibles
Utilise les modèles de traduction les plus récents et mis à jour
Traduisez votre site Web en 10 minutes

Depuis le tableau de bord de traduction de Linguise, modifiez la traduction et gérez les traducteurs
Inscrire les traducteurs par langue et par site Web pour la révision de la traduction
Édition de traductions automatiques de fin de police
Appliquer une règle globale pour remplacer tout contenu sur tout le site Web
Appliquer une règle globale pour exclure tout contenu de la traduction sur tout le site Web
Exclure et remplacer le contenu par langue, URL ou classe CSS
Gestion multi-comptes avec accès aux rôles utilisateurs (traducteurs, manager, administrateurs)

Traduction d'URL et de contenu pleine page
Balise alternative, default-x
Génération de balises de langage HTML
Génération d'URL canoniques
Traductions de sitemap .xml
Affichage ultra-rapide des pages traduites
Aucun impact sur le temps de chargement de la page d'origine non traduite
Augmenter le classement SEO du grand Eshop
Testé sur les principaux outils de la «console de recherche»: Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu

Intégration du drapeau du sélecteur de langue à l'aide du popup
Module super léger avec moins d'indicateurs CSS et .svg

165 $ par an pour un volume de traduction de 100 000 mots
Plus de 10 fois moins cher qu'une traduction humaine
Aucune révision de contenu requise

Lien d'accueil :
Créez un compte et obtenez une clé API:
Tarifs annuels :
Démo de qualité de traduction :
Mentions légales :

Nous proposons l'installation gratuitement sur votre site Joomla, il suffit de la rechercher au milieu de notre page d'accueil :
Nous fournissons une assistance pour tout type d'utilisation, un lien de message direct est accessible dans le tableau de bord de Linguise :

Linguise excels in terms of functionality. It seamlessly integrates with Joomla and provides an automated translation feature.
Ease of use
Setting up and configuring the extension is a breeze, even for those with limited technical expertise.
The dedicated support team is always ready to assist and promptly addresses any questions or concerns.
Value for money
You get a powerful translation solution that enhances the accessibility of your Joomla website while keeping your budget in check.
I used this to: I have been using Linguise for my Joomla website, and it has been a game-changer. It has enabled me to easily translate my content into multiple languages, making my website accessible to a broader international audience.

Really Usefull for me

Posted on 29 September 2021
Linguise really help me to translate my website and make my web audience increase
Ease of use
Really easy to use, and make my audience more know about communication of my website
Value for money
This extension make my audience increase and of course it's increase my money too
I used this to: I use this extension for my website. Not just one website. Its really useful extension for me

Helpful translation extension

Posted on 29 September 2021

Words or phrases can be edited directly on frontend. It can be translated exactly up to 95% in most of case.
Ease of use
As a normal user, I feel not too difficult to use this extension.
Luckily, I have not encountered any issues while using it until now.
It's easy to find all instructions of this extension on the official site.
Value for money
On my site with the small scope, it is acceptable with the first package.
I used this to:
My site is designed for e-commerce in various countries, so Linguise helps our customers to reach our content quickly in their languages.

PErfect tool

Posted on 16 September 2021
Full page translation of any content !
search and replace term on any language
cache system for better performance
Ease of use
more simple impossible, just install connect and all your page are translated
Prompt and pro support in french and english ! already reply so quicly
All is in ! this component is some simple and powerfull ... documentation is realy complet
Value for money
you can translate any site in any language without any efford ! less price than a real translator but very speed service
I used this to: Big site how i need translation. When you have many article no need to wait any translation
Works very well and quickly. Very good front end edition for revisions and replacement rules. No extra work for SEO.
Ease of use
Easier to use and faster to set up than the Joomla native component. Easy to use admin panel and front end edition.
Fast and usefull answer for pre-sale questions. No need support anymore after install.
Well detailed, step by step with a special part for Joomla integration. All features are explained.
Value for money
The price is really cheap compared to the quality of the translation. Very good ROI.
I used this to: I use it to translate myself my website in 6 languages (Europe, Asia). Neural translation generated first internationals leads after 2 months.
Owner's reply: Hi, thanks for your feedback. Indeed, the translated pages with automatic translations, as well as the human translations, take some time.
Each search engine has its own rules :)

Very Good extension

Posted on 13 September 2021
this extension is used to change the language on my website, i use bahasa and other people from another country can reach my site
Ease of use
this extension really easy to use, im designer and it can really help me
supported team its so goood very helpfull, always help me and profesional...
overall okkkk
Value for money
affordable price for excellent quality recomended for your website
I used this to: my website can reach every language and i got a new customer from another country cos this extension can translate my shop automatically
Owner's reply: Hi, thanks for your feedback. Glad to see you're using the Joomla automatic translations with no coding experience. The latest version of the component has added many display options for the flags, as well as Joomla 4 compatibility, cheers.

Linguise automatic translation

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