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HikaMarket allow you to create a multi-vendor website and manage your store directly in the front-end for your HikaShop online shop.

Build your multivendor shop / marketplace website !
HikaMarket is a Joomla! component for the e-commerce solution HikaShop.

* Edit your products, characteristics, variants, categories, orders, customers, discounts, coupons, shipping and payment methods directly in the front end
* Use a Web 2.0 interface with ajax and drag & drop
* Share your store management with other accounts via the frontend manager
* Allow other vendors to sell their products in your store
* Paypal Adaptive plugin for your split payments
* Several users per vendor with specific rights and permissions
* Available in more than 10 languages
* Views (MVC), CSS and languages overrides for easy customization
* Integration with the Joomla updater system
* Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x

* Custom vendor fields to extend the vendor page and registration
* Each vendor can have a his own vendor profile page with the option of display vendors' products
* Vendor dashboard with configurable statistics and graphics
* Use shipping per vendor - and vendors can have their own shipping methods
* Vendors can be paid directly - and vendors can have their own payment methods
* Discount per vendor - apply a discount only on a specific vendor products
* Sell bundles of products from different vendors
* Vendor contact page
* Vote and comments the vendors
* Terms & Conditions per vendor during the checkout
* Set advanced fee rules with multi-tier levels
* Use fee or commission depending the payment method
* Configure all rights / ACL for users and vendors
* Set global limitation/restriction depending the user group
* Limit the number of vendors in the cart
* Automatic vendor creation depending the account access level
* Vendor specific registration form
* Dynamic vendor selection based on customer address zone or customer selection during the checkout (for sales representatives or for different warehouses shipping)
* Product templating - create default configuration of products for vendors
* Vendor variant - let your vendor sale create a variant of an authorized product
* Dedicated vendor notification emails and integration with HikaShop Business for their customization
* Advanced filtering for vendor listing based on location
* Vendor listing module

* Compatible with all HikaShop payment and shipping plugins
* Compatible with the Joomla search system
* Compatible with most of subscription system
* Vendor points (with HikaShop points or AlphaUserPoints) to let vendor gain points with their sales.
* Gift certificate thanks to HikaSerial

Hikashop & Hikamarket is great. Works good and outstanding customer service. Highly recommend to everyone.
Ease of use
Hikashop & Hikamarket is great. Works good and outstanding customer service. Highly recommend to everyone.
Value for money
Hikashop & Hikamarket is great. Works good and outstanding customer service. Highly recommend to everyone.
I used this to: Hikashop & Hikamarket is great. Works good and outstanding customer service. Highly recommend to everyone.
I have not run into missing features and a lot of customization. It has all the functionalities you would expect of a multi vendor shop.
Ease of use
Easy to use, though some concepts is hard to figure out, but support is very helpful.
Fast and very helpful also regarding customization questions.
A multi vendor web-site is complex and some concepts is hard to understand. The documentation is good, but always looking for more examples.
Value for money
It's worth all the money.
I used this to: A multi vendor marketplace shop.
I've set up a few e-shops in the past years, used K2Mart and Virtuemart on earlier projects.

A new project fired me to use another e-shop solution: I decided to user HikaShop+HikaMarket combo, that seemed to fit the emerged needs.

Flexible, detailed componenet and fast, 5star support.

I'm lucky, because I made the correct decision on the purchase day. Worth it, totally satisfied!

Thanks Jerome again!


Posted on 24 July 2013
Been using Joomla for 5 years now and this is my first review! At first this component felt a little too complicated to get up and running initially. I asked in the custom area for a little setup help. What i got was the most amazing support ever, I am even getting some help with code which is unheard of. Jerome is by far the best Support Agent in the Community. Thanks Hikashop gang for everything!
I'm not used to spend words over JED to say "great", "fantastic", but in this case I feel the need to say something over Hikamarket extension.

I'm using Hika products since long time now. They are efficient, stable, well developed in a intelligent way. You can customize according to your needs.

In the e-commerce world you must consider lot of variables, from tax, laws for every country and many other parameters that make many e-commerce software unusable if you do not knows laws and don't want to spend time to hack them for your needs loosing the ability of upgrades, in many cases, or going into future problems.

That's not the case of hika products. Fantastic customization according to your needs, always supported by the Hika Team.

I think that the support is one of the most important parameter to rate an extension. Because every software have bugs, features that should be added, solutions that every one needs. If you do not have such support, maybe the software cannot express completly it's potentials.

Some days ago a user contacted me over the hikashop forum asking me an opinion according to hikamarket and hikashop. I've told him that at the moment I think that hikashop and hikamarket (even if is the first release...) can be considered the only e-commerce solutions that "really" works for Joomla!

If I have build an e-commerce site for my customers I cannot use most of the software you can see around, 'cause I cannot trust about them. I need a stable solution while often there is no support or long wait from the community for an answer (while the customer needs answers soon...); tragic way to customize to be sure respect laws.

Hikamarket is the first efficient solution for a marketplace. I've seen it born and I can say that Hika Team (Jerome expecially) have done a great job listening to suggestions and features trying to develope as best as possible, in the less time a solution that I can use for a production site.

So, thanks Hika Team for developing such great products!

Very Excellent !!!

Posted on 30 January 2013
I am impressed by the work provides for this component!

Not only it helps to have a site multivendor clearly and very effective, but it also brings management frontend shop!

All very efficient and very professional!

In addition, the team HikaShop is still responsive to any questions and always finds the best solution to help us: BRAVO!

To take again if you need ...
I tested first the free Hikashop release but I quickly bought a licence of the business edition.

I was using an other well known e-business extension but this big old thing was boring me for many reasons.

I migrated my website (on a test version of course) to Joomla 2.5 and migrated my e-business database from the old EB extension to Hikashop without any problem.

Even incredible ! The new release of my old extension was not able ton import properly the base of the previous release while Hikashop did the work !

I migrated then my Joomla! to 3.0.

Hikashop is modern and designed to use Joomla! 3.0 ability to handle responsive design.

On the E-business side, Hikashop has almost all what a good website need.

The possibility to use AcyMailing and Seblod extensions with Hikashop was something I had in mind while studying this migration.

No regrets for my old (well known) Joomla! e-business extension !

The Hikashop support boards are very nice places. There is a good spirit there and quick answers. I had answers even when they pretend to be in vacations and that they will no anwser during few days ;)

Thanks to the Hikashop Team !

Great idea

Posted on 29 January 2013
This is a very good addition to the hikashop extension it is now a rakuten extension that fits so many needs uses and can expand a site from selling one product into multipe products from many different vendors.
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