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This plugin for Virtuemart allows you to integrate the payment acceptance service from the Fondy payment platform. The payment gateway is useful for owners of small personal sites and services, as well as large online stores.

The VirtueMart payment gateway ( from Fondy supports the main payment methods, including Bank cards and online banks in 26 countries, including the UK, the EU, and Eastern Europe. The payment gateway allows you to receive funds from customers from all over the world in 100+ currencies.

The Joomla Virtuemart plugin extends the capabilities of the well-known site management system, creating a functional and secure platform for accepting payments. Customers will be able to choose a convenient way to pay for purchases, which will positively affect their attitude to your store/service.

Virtuemart payment gateway has already been connected by more than 8,000 entrepreneurs in different parts of the world, increasing the frequency of purchases and the company's turnover. By using the Fondy payment gateway, they were able to start working with customers from other countries, bypassing competitors and avoiding initial investments.

What Fondy offers to you?

  • Accepting payments in 100+ currencies from customers from any country in the world;
  • Free connection and loyal rates for businesses of any size;
  • Processing transactions simultaneously in more than 25 acquiring banks;
  • Automatic routing of a transaction to a backup banking organization if one of the banks stops its processing;
  • Automated payment system that guarantees receiving money without delay;
  • Freezing of funds on the client's card with the possibility of debiting or returning them in one click;
  • Reliable anti-fraud protection, COMODO security standard support, two-factor authentication;
  • Optimization of the payment page for a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, TV;
  • Invoicing both via the site and directly (sending links via personal messages, SMS, email).

What payment methods does the module support for Virtuemart

  • Bank cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Debit Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and others
  • Alternative payment methods: SEPA, Skrill, Alipay, Safetypay and others
  • Internet banks: UK, Poland, France, Belgium and other EU and Eastern European countries

Key advantages of the Virtuemart payment plugin

Easy installation and configuration
The developers of the payment system have simplified the process of accepting payments as much as possible. First, you will need to register (, specify financial details for receiving funds, upload documents in your account, and wait for information and site verification.

After verification, which takes from 1 hour to 2 days, you can start accepting payments. For site owners, we have created a functional Joomla Virtuemart payment module. If you want to work with clients directly in parallel, then you can use online invoicing – via email, personal messages, and SMS.

We have service support. You can get advice from experienced specialists via Skype chat, email or phone. After the description, at the bottom there will be detailed instructions for installing the plugin for Virtuemart.

Protecting customers and business owners
The developers of the Fondy ( payment gateway took care of the security of business owners and their customers by placing it in the cloud storage. It meets security standards, is protected from hacker attacks, and access to data and equipment is closed to unauthorized persons/organizations.

By installing the Joomla Virtuemart plugin, you can secure your online store and / or service with a proprietary fraud detection system that works based on 300 rules and algorithms. Thanks to the COMODO encryption standard, data from the buyer to the payment system is transmitted via a secure channel.

Additionally, you can independently protect your business and financial details of clients. By enabling two-factor authentication, the payment will be sent only after entering a special code from the SMS that will be sent to the phone number from the bank.

Convenient transaction management
After installing and configuring the Joomla Virtuemart payment module, the resource owner can fully control transactions. To maintain a loyal customer relationship, we recommend using the holding mechanism - the ability to freeze funds for up to 25 days. At any time, you can withdraw money or return it to the buyer with one click.

The built-in holding mechanism in the plugin for accepting payments is necessary for online stores: you can check the availability of goods in stock, and only then take the money from the buyer. This feature is also useful for delivery services, taxi and car rental services, and hotels.

Regular payment acceptance
The payment system offers to use a special calendar that allows you to set a certain periodicity for automatic debiting of funds.

For example, it is difficult for a hosting provider to control the tens of thousands of users who rent a domain/hosting service. By using Fondy, the company just needs to specify the date, and the payment gateway will take care of timely debiting of money from the client's card/account.

The payment calendar is convenient because it provides the user with a choice. That is, on the payment page, when entering Bank card details, it independently connects the auto-payment, selects the regularity, the number of debits and confirms the action. Data is stored in encrypted form, so neither the company nor other services have access to it.

Convenient mobile payments
The payment page adapts to a variety of mobile devices, whether it's a smartphone, laptop, tablet, desktop computer, or even a TV. The Joomla Virtuemart payment gateway does not load the web resource, keeping the page loading speed high.

Sellers can use a smartphone to manage their business. We have developed a mobile app for iOS and Android. It provides statistics on all transactions, working with each payment separately, and creating invoices.

Support for NFC technologies
Companies, sole proprietors, and freelancers can accept payments from customers via a smartphone. You will only need a mobile device with an NFC chip and an app from the Fondy payment system.

The customer needs to attach the card to the phone, after which the payment will be confirmed in 1-2 seconds. You don't even have to buy POS equipment, and this instant payment processing will have a positive impact on the attitude of customers to the company.

Cost of using the Virtuemart payment gateway

You do not need to pay for connecting to the payment platform. Only a fee is charged for payments through the Fondy system, the amount of which depends on your turnover ( You can pay the commission yourself or shift the responsibility to customers.

Instructions for installing and configuring the module for Joomla

First, download and unpack the module. Then proceed to the setup:
1. Install via the module installer in the admin panel (Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Download package file, etc.)
2. Then go to the Virtuemart admin page and go to the section: Components -> Virtuemart -> Payment Methods -> Add payment method
3. Fill in the first tab and click the "Save" button
4. Go to the "Settings" tab
5. Fill in the fields and click "Save"
Now you can accept payments in more than 100 currencies. If you need help, our support team will always answer any question that concerns the operation of the Virtuemart payment plugin.

There are all standard features of VirtueMart payment plugins. Also you can set up payment currency on Fondy Payment Gateway pag.
Ease of use
Everything is very simple. Simply install the plugin, activate it and enter your data from payment system.
There is a brief instruction with the basic steps for installing plugins. But you do not need it.
I used this to: connecting my online store on VirtueMart 3 and Joomla 3.9 to the Fondy Payment Gateway.
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Fondy Payment Gateway for Virtuemart

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