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With this plugin, you can easily host a top-notch ecommerce shop in Joomla while staying up-to-date with the latest features of your Spreadshop.
This is achieved by embedding your existing Spreadshop as-is into any Joomla post, page or path.
Both the plugin and your Spreadshop are fully free of charge. Always.

What you need

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Plugin for?

This plugin is for people who are running a Spreadshop (which might look like this) and want to make that Spreadshop available in their Joomla system.
If you do not have a Spreadshop yet, you can open one free of charge.

How do I use the plugin?

Once you activate the plugin, you need to configure the plugin in the admin menu (Components > SpreadShop). Follow the presented steps to connect your Spreadshop with your Joomla system. In order to create a shop page you also need to create a menu entry which links to the Spreadshop component.

Is there a difference between a stand-alone Spreadshop and the plugin?

No, this plugin will simply embed your Spreadshop as-is into your Joomla system.

How does this work from a technical point of view?

This plugin simply performs a "Website Integration with JavaScript" under the hood, as explained here.
The advantage of using this plugin is that you do not need to write any code yourself.

Which platform am I using?

Simply put, if you signed up on .com, .ca or, your Spreadshop runs on the North American platform. All other domains imply you are based on the European platform.

Where can I get more support?

Visit our forum and get to know other Shop Owners who can help. Spreadshop staff is also available there.

What If I deactivate the plugin?

Spreadshop will disappear from your Joomla system. This, however, does not affect your stand-alone Spreadshop in any way.


Mit diesem Plugin kannst du ganz leicht einen E-Commerce Shop einbinden. Es bietet dir alle Vorteile und Feature des Spreadshop, kinderleicht einzurichten für deine Joomla Seite.

Das Plugin und den Spreadshop kannst du immer kostenlos nutzen.


  • Zeige eine Startseite, Artikelseite oder Detailseite an
  • Nutze das T-Shirt Design-Tool
  • Shop Sprachenunterstützung in DE, UK, US, FR, NL, NO, DK, PL, ES, IT, SV, FI
  • Verbinden deinen Shop mit jeden Marketing-Tool über den Product Feed
  • Schnelle Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics Verbindung
  • Für Mobilgeräte optimiert
  • OpenGraph & meta tags

Du brauchst

  • Installierte Joomla Instanz
  • Spreadshirt Konto (Registriere dich hier:
now able to download
Ease of use
now able to download
Owner's reply: Hello,
we just updated our plugin a few days ago to a version 2.0.0.
Can you check if you are still not able to download? If so, please contact us again.

Best, the Spreadshop Team


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Feb 07 2024
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Oct 05 2017
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J3 J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System


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