Joomla Website Optimizer Plugin

Make your website blazing fast.


  • It includes a new Css parser
  • Automatic critical path css generation which will bring you close to 100 in lighthouse test with no effort

Here are some features provided by this plugin


  • HTML minification
  • preserve IE conditional comments


  • merge files
  • minify files
  • remove files based on a pattern
  • async loading
  • move javascript to the bottom of the page


  • merge files
  • minify files
  • remove files based on a pattern
  • async loading
  • web fonts preloading
  • automatic critical css generation


  • automatically resize images
  • convert to avif and webp
  • generate responsive images
  • generate preview images
  • lazyloading images
  • generate responsive css background images


  • automatic critical css path generation
  • configurable HTTP caching headers
  • optimizations are enforced when the client sends Save-Data HTTP header
  • dns prefetch
  • profile plugin performance using HTTP server timing headers
  • precompressed cached files using brotli or gzip.

Service Worker

  • enable service worker
  • offline first support
  • background sync
  • web share target level 2
  • web push notifications using One Signal
  • immediately update the service worker when the manifest settings change

Content Security Policy (CSP)

Configure almost every csp level 3 settings to your liking:

  • disable inline scripts and css
  • block css, js, workers, frames, etc.
  • allow css and js from specific origin only
  • dynamic csp rules generation from the page content


  • Sub Resource Integrity
  • HSTS header configuration
  • XSS-PROTECTION header configuration
  • X-Frames-Options configuration

Hotlink Protection

  • configure file type that use hotlink protection
  • configure link lifetime

The complete list of features is available in the online documentation
and the change log

Plant site when publishing

Posted on 29 November 2023
Lot of params to set, too much maby ... but can't really have opinion on as it crashed my website
Ease of use
I tried using AVIF images on my site, but the site crashed when publishing.
GD library was enable update since longtime , so ...
Seems to be OK but too much params to set and as it crashed my site, I don't go further ..
I used this to: convert jpg to AVIF images on my site and having optimisation of CSS and so on

Broke site

Posted on 06 January 2023
Good range of options but never got to really try anything as it broke my site immediately upon publishing.
Ease of use
Simple to install, but, upon publishing the plugin, it broke the site.
I used this to: I decided to give it a go after reading the other reviews. I have used JCH for years and it's bulletproof, but, hey, why not try something else? It could do a better job. It didn't.
this plugin has all PWA features (offline mode, web push, services worker ...)
Ease of use
Really easy to use, install plugin go to plugins manager and enable it and that's it :)
documentation very detailed of all PWA features, also i do suggest some video tutorial this will help non experienced users.
I used this to: I used this for a client who want PWA features integrated, this plugin saved us time and money, thanks again to developer.
Funcionou perfeitamente em meus projetos. Com diversos recursos, inclusive até recursos que não existe em nenhuma outra extensão no JED.
Ease of use
Fácil de usar, porém tem que ter um conhecimento abrangente de todas as suas funcionalidades para configurar corretamente.
Não testei ainda, mas parece que responde rapidamente pelo Github, por ser uma extensão gratuito isso é muito bom.
Tem uma descrição simples sobre o que ele pode fazer, porém poderia ser mais detalhada para um usuário com pouco conhecimento.
I used this to: Estou utilizando para meus projetos pessoais e profissionais. Recomendo!
Funktioniert schon erstaunlich gut. Leider gibt es noch Probleme mit PageBuildern wie Gridbox oder SP-Pagebuilder.
Ease of use
SUPER! Extrem viele Einstellungsmöglichkeiten. Wünschenswert wäre, die Funktionen etwas mehr zu erklären.
Etwas detailliertere Funktionsbeschreibung wäre sehr gut.
Owner's reply: Hello, Can you file any issue here ?

Thank you
Html Minifier

Html Minifier

By tbela99
NO LONGER MAINTAINED This extension is no longer be maintained. It has been superseeded by Gzip extension This plugin optimize page loading by performing these operations: Remove quotes from attributes Reduce multiple spaces into a single one Remove optional closing tags Remove optional tags...
Http Server Timing headers

Http Server Timing headers

By tbela99
HTML(5) Server Timing API This Joomla plugin enable Server Timing HTTP headers. See It help you track performance of your website in the browser console (supported by google chrome)[] This plugin must run as the last plugin in system group. You need to re...


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Jul 14 2022
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Apr 01 2018
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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