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ImageManager for Joomla! allows you to move and rename images without breaking the image-link in Articles and Custom HTML Modules. Simply drag & drop your images to restructure and clean-up your website. You can also view a list of all unused images and delete them.

Currently avaliable in English, Dutch, French and German.

- Move images easily (drag & drop)
- Easily rename images
- Rename images directly in JCE media browser (without breaking image-links)
- Visual indication if an image is (or isn’t) used
- Show where images are used
- List all unused images and delete them
- Search for images by name
- Create, rename or delete folders
- Reduce file size (compressing images)
- Resize file dimension
- Replace spaces or underscores with hyphens (-) in filenames with a batch action
- Recover deleted images from trash (when deleted in Image Manager)
- Easy to use interface
- And many more…


Posted on 30 January 2023
would be fine if it would do I bought it for. the scanner curves around if a folder is set which the solution does not like.
Ease of use
you need some time to understand how it works but possible. butt you cannot 100% trust in result of unused images.
waiting more than a month for an answer from support even I asked after some weeks
documentation is availabe and must be read to understand how it works
Value for money
because of the bugs and not available support the price is to high for such a solution
I used this to: i wanted to give it to a customer with lots of old images. but I don't give it to him.
La extensión podría ser una gran idea, pero no funciona con portales voluminosos. Se queda pensando y no sale de esa situación
Ease of use
No tiene ninguna problemática. Es intuitiva si funcionara bien. Cualquiera puede entender su funcionamiento.
Seis dias después de escribir un ticket de importancia alta ni me han contestado
Value for money
Si funcionara adecuadamente sería un buen precio. Pero así ha sido tirar el dinero.
I used this to: un periódico digital con el fin de eliminar las fotografías que ya no están enlazadas a las noticias que han sido despublicadas o eliminadas
Good in renaming (keeping links consistent), batch operations, unused images detection, usage listing
Ease of use
Pretty easy to use, what should I add to fit in 64 characters? Very easy.
Poor support - didn't react on bug report within 2 days, I had to fix code myself
Well written, however I didn't use it intensively, as UI is pretty logical
Value for money
Worth to buy - helps to keep site in order. And again, limitation to fit in 64 characters )
I used this to: I used it for images cleanup, and batch renaming, usage detection.
R2H Imagemanager shows you which images are used in Joomla and which are not. Perfect for cleanup of webspace.
Ease of use
Install, take the tour - really easy. There is extensive documentation, but I hardly ever need it.
Value for money
Absolutely worth it! it just saves time and keeps website service professional
I used this to: Different client projects, especially just before go-live to cleanup test images and also for older websites to check which images are still used.
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R2H ImageManager

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Feb 02 2022
2 years ago
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Aug 17 2020
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
c p
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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