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Fields and Filters is a manager to manage the additional fields as well as the ability to filter them. (elements).
Component does not overwrite the Joomla core files.

- easy ability to manage fields
- 6 fields – input, image, textarea/editor, checkboxlist (checkboxlist field can be use to filtering), url, date
- flexible configuration
- add fields to different position of the article
- add values field without first saving article
- convection of editing article view with Fields and Fields, does not require the opening of the component in modal window
- default field templates

- module to display fields type filters
- ajax filtering articles
- hash navigation
- using the list view articles, without any additional CSS styles for the view filters
- default filter templates

Simple Syntax, #:You can insert Fields anywhere on your site by using Syntax:

  • in the same article and component: #{field_id}
  • in another article and the same component: #{fieldid,articleid}
  • in another component: #{fieldid,articleid:option(e.g. com_content)}
  • #{fieldid.{params}} - changing fields and filters parameters on the “fly” (format json), eg. {‘base’ => {‘showname’: 1}}
  • #{fieldid,context} - in what context you need display the fields, eg.: modcustom.content. The field will be displayed only in the custom module
  • #{fieldid,articleid:option,context,{params}} - Simple Sytax with all options

Changelog - v1.3.1
- Crop resize do not work in image field
- Pagination in some case not works correctly after filtering content

Changelog - v1.3.0:
- Hash Navigation in filters

- when the article was unpublished then the fields from another article disappeared

Changelog - v1.2.3:
- possibility to filtering with Filter Field option from menu type: Articles/Category List
- button "random" in filters

- Filters does't work correctly in Joomla 3.3.4+
- Filters does't get options form menu type: Articles/Category Blog | Articles/Category List
- Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function jquery.fieldsandfilters.js:601

Changelog - v1.2
- full support for Joomla! 3.2 and the newest version.
- more useful way adding a new layout for fields and filters
- change of the helper structure, now it is more comfortable to use
- fix bugs

Simple Syntax:
- there are two new syntax formats, which work like the earlier:
 - #{fieldid, itemid:option, context}
 - #{fieldid, itemid:option, context, {params}}
  - itemid - eg. article id
  - option - eg. com
  - context - eg. modcustom.content
  - {params} - changing fields and filters parameters on the “fly” (format json), eg. {‘base’ => {‘show
name’: 1}}
- the old version is still available

- the two new fields were added:
- possibility to put Simple Syntax into:
 - field name
 - field value
 - field descirption
 - “textare” value (field)
 - (eg. article) content. When plugin prepare content body
 - (eg. module) content. When plugin render body

- adding support for filters:
 - archived articles
 - featured arti

Working perfect on all joomla area
Only 1 not wery hapy: load field ID # it would be much better #
Ease of use
Wery easy use and multiple function! Ican use for meta DC and OG and the possibilities are unlimited!
(naturally litle php modification)
Not need...
Not need... if user need not use Joomla but ask a specialist!
Not too sure
Ease of use
Still working it out
I used this to: Curiosity
Owner's reply: Hello,

Could you open issue with your problem here, please. I will try to help you :)
I was looking for such kind of joomla-addon functionality to build a small business directory-like website with filtering.
Ease of use
documentation would be fine, i needed some time to get into it, but when you get it, it is super easy and the best way to add custom fields.
I used this to: a business directory website. but please fix the problem that the filter/search module cant be displayed!!!!

Competent extension

Posted on 12 February 2016
Almost perfect functionality. I would have the ability to click my fields without the filter button and keep the total numbering of articles
Ease of use
Yes. When you figured out the first step. Making the lists in Components.
incredible support. Top 2 ever when working with Joomla extensions. And
I used this to: A non-profit media history archive for a sports club support association.
This is the right way to do custom fields and content types in Joomla 2.3-3.x and beyond. You simply add the fields you want and assign them to the content categories where they will be used.

Fields and Filters is the best non-commercial extension of its type, and it's probably the simplest of all CCKs. What is lacking is good English documentation and instructions within the interface. As another reviewer noted, Forms and Fields lacks the following: easy styling of fields, nested/conditional fields, and the ability to get raw field values discretely anywhere.


Posted on 04 July 2014
A UNIQUE EXTENSION AND EXCELLENT SUPPORT! This is such a great extension with a HUGE potential! I havent found any extension that adds fields and does filter for Joomla Articles. All of them I looked at were for K2 and this extension is like gold if you want fields and filters feature for default Joomla Articles. This extension makes the Joomla Articles so powerful and it will be perfect for those who doesnt want to install a full-blown CCK that can seem bloated. I tested it with Joomla 3.3 and I can confirm that it works really well! And more than anything - THE DEVELOPER'S SUPPORT IS INCREDIBLE! Really! I read a lot of review here where people had mentioned the same thing and all of those great reviews were confirmed when I contacted Tom for support. He is really prompt in replying and most important he genuinely does try to help you out with your questions in a very polite manner. Even many paid extensions doesnt give awesome support like this! A very dedicated developer indeed - no doubt about that! I learnt a lot from his incredible work ethics and dedication. The brief video demo helped a lot too. I liked it since the demo was to the point without carrying on and on, no lame techno music or boring commentary. I replayed it a few times while installing and the video made more sense. Also if you have any doubts, the developer is always reachable (which is more important than anything). Its amazing that this is for free. I really hope that the development of this continues and this goes a far way. I wish Tom the very best! :)


Posted on 18 June 2014
Awesome package. Thanks for your work, appreciate.

Beautiful component

Posted on 15 June 2014
Beautiful component, very simple even for me who am not an expert, i hope in some kind of field more in future versions,example gallery, and the ability to assign a class to the individual filter, thanks. Sorry for my bad english
This component is really great, easy to set up, easy to use, fast and simple. In my opinion, an absolutely briliant alternative to complex "CCK" component.

Thank you !

Very good component

Posted on 21 May 2014
Great extension, easy to use. In my opinion it's better than a "CCK" because this extension adds the extra fields in a separate tab in the back-end article view without modify the Joomla core; furthermore, in the front-end the extra fields can be viewed in several positions: after the title (very useful) or after the content or before the content.

Thank you Tom, great job.

Fields and Filters

Tomasz Kulka
Last updated:
Feb 04 2016
8 years ago
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
c m p

Uses Joomla! Update System


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