Affiliate Systems

Displays an eBay auction item. Highly configurable. One auction item per module instance. Multiple modules possible. Optional affiliate tracking included. No hidden affiliate trackers! Works on restrictive shared-hosting environments too. Works in all timezones and on all eBay Sites.

Why is this module useful?

* It offers an easy way of showing your website visitors what you are selling on eBay
* Simple configuration - the minimum is to simply enter the eBay Item number in the module configuration.
* Optionally manages affiliation tracking of your selected eBay auction.
* Use it to direct web traffic to your eBay auction, which means that more people will bid, which in turn means that you can potentially realize a higher final sale value. 
* Use it for your own or other people's items on eBay.

What does it do?

It displays the following:
* Auction item image
* Description heading text
* Date and Time the auction ends
* Remaining time before auction ends
* Number of bids so far
* Price and currency
* Location and country of item
* Auction status: Active or Completed

It also manages:
* The retrieval of the auction data
* Tracker affiliation

* JSON and XML API encoding
* Uses cURL if PHP's filegetcontents does not work (very relevant on shared-hosting servers)

Langauge Support:
* English (GB)
* German (DE)

For what this is, I'm sure it's an excellent module. But I was looking for a module that would automatically update with my auctions coming up for closing the soonest. In other words, I didn't want to have to manually update my module with item numbers. I wanted a module that would access my store and simply display the items coming up automatically. If this module ever offers this function, I'll be all over it!
This was, what I exactly needed and when I contacted the developer for enhancement proposals, he immediately adjusted this extension.

I see, he is someone who has excellent knowledge and I had the best support - and all that for a free extension - marvelous!

Auction Affiliate for eBay

Gerrit Hoekstra
Last updated:
May 08 2019
5 years ago
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System