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Securitycheck Pro is a global protection suite designed to protect your website without affecting your server's speed. This version includes:

  • A modular interface to manage the entire extension quickly and easily.

  • Web Firewall
    The web firewall protects against SQL Injection, Cross-site scripting, LFI and RFI, Headers modification, CSRF, clickjacking and brute force and dictionary attacks, and includes the following features:

    • Ipv6 supported.
    • Blacklist (ip range allowed).
    • Whitelist (ip range allowed).
    • Dynamic blacklist.
    • Events recording, which can be viewed by admins from backend.
    • Alert or strict mode.
    • Redirection to a default page or drop connection if an attack is detected.
    • Second level protection to find suspect words (with editable list of suspect words).
    • Base64 check.
    • Email notification.
    • Filter exception, mode and priority selection for greater flexibility.
    • User session protection.
    • Session hickjacking protection.
    • Export logs in csv format.
  • File Manager
    You can check file/folder permissions and easily view misconfigured configurations.
    Any problem? Click 'Repair' button and permissions will be corrected.

  • File Integrity
    Thousands of files in our Joomla website, how to know if one of them is modified?
    With File Integrity you will be alerted when a change occurs in any file.

  • Malware scanner
    The most advanced malware scanner on the market. Look for suspicious patterns, known malware filenames and files with multiple extensions and check them against an online service with 40 anti-malware engines and millions of hashes on it databases. And all with two clicks!

  • .Htaccess protection
    Lot of traffic from bots?
    Block malicious user-agents and increase overall security esily with this feature.
    Want to hide your backend url? Add a secret key to your admin page to prevent dictionary and brute force attacks.

  • Track failed login attempts
    We can monitorize failed login attempts from backend and frontend and take actions against them.

  • Email on backend login
    You receive an email every time someone access to the backend.

  • Forbid new administrative accounts
    Even if they are created not using the Joomla backend.

  • Upload scanner
    We can check uploaded files looking for files with multiple extensions and forbid certain extensions and mime-types.

  • Remote Management
    Manage the extension remotelly from a centralized console.

  • Rules Management
    Trusted users? Now you can choose to which groups apply Web Firewall rules.

  • Cron Plugin
    Get files status without afecting QoS.
    Launch File Manager or File Integrity tasks when your server has less workload.

  • ACL checking
    Administrators got an alert if an insecure ACL configuration is set for Guest or Public groups. This could save us of many headaches.

  • Module Info
    Check your Joomla security status at a glance.

  • Url Inspector
    The url inspector allows us to ban IPs that use forbidden words in urls. This way we have a powerful mechanism to control all queries to our website, even those that are redirected to a 404 page.

  • Vulnerabilities checking
    Securitycheck Pro performs a check of the versions of all the components, plugins and modules of your Joomla installation, comparing them with its database to show if there are vulnerable extensions. Forget individually test of every extension to avoid vulnerabilities: Securitycheck Pro does it for you.

  • Vulnerabilities database
    Securitycheck Pro incorporates a database where you can see all the vulnerabilities known to our version of Joomla. This database is constantly updated to include the latest vulnerabilies.

  • Performance
    This feature has been designed to improve Joomla's performance. Now we can optimize and repair our mysql database.

Has a lot of feature to stop the hackers. It sends me emails for the bad activity it catches. No one has broken in yet. It does a good job.
Ease of use
There is a easy way to set it up. The other way takes a bit of a learning curve to get it all set up and it give you a lot of contol.
I have not had any problems with support for securityCheck Pro. They have taken care of me.
It is though and covers it well. there is also a log of help notes within the coponet to explain the features and settings.
Value for money
What is is worth to sleep at night. I have no worries while using Security Check Pro. It does a good job and keeps my site clean.
I used this to: Securing my website from would be hackers. I used it to block people that try to log when they should not. It notifies me when it takes actions so I can check on the site if I need to. I have used it on Joomla 3.x and 4.x. Used it for over 3 years now.
Security Check pro is very easy to use and understand, protected my site from over 69 attacks in less that 24hours
Ease of use
Extremely user-friendly and very easy to use and understand, lots of notes left by the developer explaining what each issue .
10/10 Support, Profession, reliable and caring, this team truly cares and wants to see everyone succeed and be protected from hackers.
Value for money
Worth every dollar, save your self the headache and pay for this software and rest easy at night.
I used this to: To help protect my site from Malware attacks, Ransomware and Database scanning and protection and to resolve any additional security flaws on my site.
Works beautifully and Indefatigably to keep at bay the cyber barbarians at the gate. Regular updates keep it sharp and secure.
Ease of use
On first use, it seems more complicated than it actually is. It comes with a pretty fast learning curve.
One of the extension's best features (and there are many) is the support. Jose is immediately responsive and committed to help at any hour!
Value for money
One of the best things I've ever done for my website. Money well spent.
I used this to: Protection of a not-for-profit educational and informational website and its forum.
What an easy component to work with. I'm very pleased with the functionality thus far. It's helping to prevent spam issues.
Ease of use
Super easy to use and easy to understand. There is documentation, that is adequate and support is there to help if necessary.
I've had a few questions and was assisted quickly by Jose. I couldn't ask for better support and am so pleased.
The documentation is straight-forward and to the point. It's enough.
Value for money
Worth every penny. Well done. I would recommend it to anyone looking for security software for Joomla.
I used this to: I run this on many Joomla sites, though not fully installed on all of them yet.
Sehr umfangreiches und multifunktionales Programm.
Sehr viele Einstellungsmöglichkeiten.
Ease of use
Es gibt bereits ein gut eingestelltes Profil. Alle Funktionen sind im Dashboard sehr gut und übersichtlich angeordnet. inkl. Multilanguage
Mega schneller und kompetenter Support.
Probleme wurden bei mir sogar vom Support in meiner Joomla Installation behoben + Support Forum.
Umfangreiche Dokumentation auf der Homepage. Zusätzlich gibt es viele Tipps und Ideen im Forum.
Value for money
Ein sehr gutes Preisleistungsverhältnis!!!!
Es hält die Seite sauber von Angriffen und Viren.
I used this to: Eine offz. Seite einer Kirchengemeinde (Lutherkirche Neumünster) und bin mehr als zufrieden.
Vorher haben wir immer Probleme mit Angriffen und Backenendtools gehabt....
Extremely comprehensive extension that covers many security aspects with many functions
Ease of use
This is a very comprehensive extension so at first it can be overwhelming. The documentation & support make it easy to use and set up.
Support is brilliant. The developer is responsive, will to assist and easy to communicate with. Could not be better.
Complete and comprehensive - if it's not covered in the documentation or support forum, the developer will help.
Value for money
Excellent value for money considering what is at risk if your site is hacked
I used this to: Protecting websites from hackers. It's amazing how many attempts are happening. Attempts are logged every day!


Posted on 27 November 2019
Funciona perfectamente, por desgracia probada en casos reales de ataques y otros elementos, y a los ha controlado perfectamente.
Ease of use
Es intuitiva, parece que no, pero por el montón de posibilidades que tiene.
En el peor apuro que puede estar uno, que es que no funcione, fué el mismo soporte el que hasta me solucionó el problema. Un máquina.
Muy buena y completa, le falta estar en español, pero hoy día no es un problema.
Value for money
Por lo que consigue hacer, y el soporte, es un precio inmejorable.
I used this to: Una web de documentación dinámica, con mucha información tecnica y gestión de miles de usuarios, a los que tengo que proteger

Excelente plugin

Posted on 09 November 2019
Logró proteger mi sitio de ataques mas comunes y difíciles de detectar o eliminar con otro software, en contra la base de datos es aparte.
Ease of use
Muy intuitivo y un tablero de control bien diseñado permite ajustar todas las características un amplio rango de configuraciones y reglas
Me ayudaron con los ajustes para los tipos de ataque que estaba teniendo en ese momento, ademas mucha paciencia en todo el recorrido.
Muy detallada permite aprender nuevas funciones cada día. en contra, no esta en español.
Value for money
Es una buena inversión que permite a mi sitio prosperar, mis preocupaciones de ciber seguridad disminuyeron considerablemente
I used this to: Mantener mi sitio seguro de ataques de badbots, injectionsql, y otros tipos de hackeo
I've been using Securitycheck Pro for a while and this is definitely one of the best extensions I've ever purchased.
Ease of use
Very easy to install and to set up. It has many functionalities and it's easy to configure also thanks to many tooltips in the tabs.
I used the support once because I wanted to ask a thing and I got a reply super-fast, excellent support.
Value for money
The value is HUGE: it darastically reduces the chances of your websites being hacked, saving you a lot of time, effort and money.
I used this to: I use this for protecting several joomla websites and it plays a big role in keeping the websites protected (one should always also follow common sense safety best practises such as version updates etc.). I would never go back to the old times when I didn't have Securitycheck Pro

A must have product

Posted on 28 September 2019
Very wide coverage of needs; we have all you need to protect the sites from bad people;take a look at the rest of the security offer from the same publisher which is very interesting
Ease of use
Ease to use , very adaptable product; we are not drowned with useless messages, only the most important ones.
José offers a fantastic support, very fast that combines skills and modesty
Very complete documentation, easy to access with words that everyone can understand
Value for money
A must have; at first i bought Securitycheckpro and at the end all the suite
I used this to: I use this software to protect my sites and what is interesting is that it can be done from a single central site
Securitycheck Pro Control Center
Paid download

Securitycheck Pro Control Center

By Texpaok
Site management tools
Securitycheck Pro Control Center has been designed with one goal: to make Joomla! administrator's life easier. With Securitycheck Pro Control Center you will be able to: Manage all your Joomla! websites from a centralized console. Launch remote tasks and save time Check for vulnerable extensions, look for malware, check your files integrity/permission, delete logs captured by the Web Fire...


By Texpaok
Site Security
Securitycheck is a medium protection suite. This version includes: A modular interface to manage the entire extension quickly and easily. Web Firewall The web firewall has been tested against more than 90 SQL, LFI and XSS attacks patterns, and includes the following features: IPv6 supported. Blacklist. Whitelist. Events recording, which can be viewed by admins from backend. Redirection...

Securitycheck Pro

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