Real Estate

v3.5.0 -- Big Changes. All list views have been updated to load listings, and agents, using Ajax. All filtering and pagination of listings also uses Ajax, so there are no page reloads. We added the option to use LeafletJS for the maps, which is an open source maps javascript library using OpenStreetMaps. Contact forms are now customizable. Rather than being "stuck" with hardcoded contact form fields, you can add your own for agent contact and property contact.
v3.1.10 -- There have been a lot of changes to layout, functionality, simplifying the contact form, and so much more from other Real Estate Agents that are getting the component (modules and plugins) installed on their sites.
v3.0.0 -- Separated resource specific information to separate tables to allow for more flexibility. Rather than all listing data being stored in a single table, the data is now stored in an array of tables broke down by type (i.e. residential, commercial, etc), and features, financial data, area information, and more.

Simple yet beautiful. Our Real Estate component is multi-functional and will work with RETS or as a stand-alone. The user-friendly interface allows for multi-choice features, multiple image galleries, drag and drop image uploads, open houses, featured listings, a watchlist for favorites, multiple categories, agencies, and so much more. And of course it’s designed for Joomla! only and is responsive. Choose from Bing or Google maps. The front-end management makes it easy for agents to add and update their profiles and their listings easily and efficiently.

Real Estate NOW! started in June 2015 of the popular EZ Realty component by Raptor Services. In May 2016, after looking at the code, we determined that there was a lot of depreciated code, so set out with developing a Joomla! Real Estate component for the 21st century. After all this time, and lots of late nights, we're proud to release an updated version completely rewritten, and redesigned, from the ground up.

With Real Estate NOW!, display data for:
- Agencies and Single Agency
- Agents and Single Agents
- Countries and Single Country
- States and Single State
- Cities and Single City
- By Market Status
- By Transaction Type
- By Featured Listings
- Hotsheet (Listings 3 days or newer)
- By Open House
- All properties or Single Property
- There are multiple layout options, as well as multiple slideshow options
- 6 modules included: agent(s), map, quick search, random property, multi-display, and image showcase gallery settings galore
- Customize the layout on the menu item. Example, have residential listings as a horizontal grid layout, and commercial as a panel (card) style layout

Real Estate Now

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Aug 24 2021
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Nov 10 2017
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