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A fresh new approach to personal recipe catalog powered by Joomla! 4 and 5.

Simple Recipe allows you to create a catalog of your own recipes to use in your own kitchen, share with others and let others collaborate on a common recipe book.

The ingredients list behaves like a shopping list in that you can cross off items as you gather them, whether it be in the kitchen or grocery store.
The directions list behaves like a successive list where each step can be crossed off when completed.
A recipe can have multiple parts, such as a part for the cake and a part for the frosting or a part for the salad and a part for the dressing.

This is our first component and we'd really love to hear your suggestions for new features and report any strange behavior.

Simple Recipe is a free component to help manage your recipe collection.

Simple Recipe

Ryan C. Minnig
Last updated:
Jan 07 2024
6 months ago
Date added:
Mar 03 2023
GPLv2 or later
Free download
c m p
J4 J5 (b/c plugin)

Uses Joomla! Update System