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TableBooking is a native component for Joomla created to provide a easy method which allows anyone to make a guaranteed table booking at their choice of restaurant within a few steps.

Now your customers can avoid long delays for table booking as our component can instantly book a restaurant table without any hurdle. You also benefit by reducing email and telephone bookings.

TableBooking Features:

  • Reservation Made Easy - a simple booking form with only absolutely necessary fields and two steps to follow is the secret of TableBooking. Our component makes it easy for visitors to reserve a table within a few minutes.

  • Ease of Use in Booking Management - integrated booking calendar, front-end management, visual table layout to easier management

  • Email Notification about Reservation Request - The builtin notification option allows you to configure an email that is automatically sent to you and/or to the client when a new reservation request is done.

Extension works fine and beautifully designed. Congratulations! I am very happy to find this simple and effective booking system.
Ease of use
Easy for installing and setting up. I am not expert in Joomla but it worked fine from the starting.
Perfect documentation, easy to understand. Complete help for installing and setting it up.
I used this to: A High School website, I have adapted it for teachers booking our IT facilities. I would need some improvements, but I hope we could get them soon.
It works really well, quite basic but definitely all most people would need. Sends simple customisable emails for bookings and able to cance
Ease of use
Really very simple, i didnt even need the instructions! what more can i say?
not required, i might get in touch re some customisation though, no more to add but i have to to be able to post this!
it was so simple to setup i didnt need this, looked simple enough
I used this to: table booking on a small cafe website, no more to add but i have to to be able to post this!
Functionality is, in my opinion, enough what you need for a table-booking system for a restaurant.
Ease of use
Installing and setup of the component is easy, although you have to make a menu-item at the frontpage for reaching the setup of the system.
I have no experience with support yet. I discovered a warning for the fonts and did report this.
The wiki is pretty good and complete for what I have seen. I did not really needed to use the documentation.
I used this to: I am developing a website for a restaurant and want to use this component.


By Ionut Lupu
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Oct 13 2021
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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