Title Management, Titles, Page Background

A masthead module to display an image with text and description on top of it.

- Default masthead settings
- Per menu-item masthead settings
- Set image, title and description
- Set your own H? tag for the title per masthead.
- Set your own classes for the title and description spans to style the text
- Set alignment (left, center, right)
- Single Article Masthead; when you have a category menu item and you click on a single article inside that menu item. It now uses the article title, article image and intro text as the masthead (when no menu item is present for this article).
- Set maximum length of description (useful for when you make use of "Single Article Masthead" Feature
- Set minimum height of mastheads div
- Set maximum height of mastheads div
- Set custom class to mastheads div
- Set article image priority intro or full article image.
- Choose Description source used when viewing an article using "Single Article Masthead" Feature.
- Category blog articles that have a menu item before would use the default masthead. Now it will also try and grab article info to show instead of the default masthead.

- Option to hide title and / or description on smaller devices (xs, sm md)

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Pretty Masthead

Tom van der Laan / TLWebdesign
Last updated:
Oct 31 2023
8 months ago
Date added:
Aug 02 2022
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System