Facebook display

The module displays a Facebook page [suggested to be in a sidebar]

The Facebook API Key is embedded in the code.

Updated to Joomla 5 on 3rd May 2024.

The settings include default height and width.
- Base URL. The address of your facebook page e.g.
- Show Posts - defaults to "Yes". Suggested that you use this.
- Show Faces - defaults to "Yes". Up to you.
- Hide Cover Photo - defaults to "No". Up to you.
- Small Header - defaults to "Yes". Up to you.
- Number of Connections - defaults to 25 - suggested by Facebook.
- Width - defaults to 300. Suggest that you use the right or left sidebar positions, but up to you.
- Height - defaults to 700. See above.

Do NOT forget to set the menu assignment - otherwise it will not show up.

The extension has been translated into English [en-GB].

The Source code and notes on its development are shown on the web site.

The J3 and J4 version which also runs in J5 compatibility mode is available and can be downloaded from the web site

TDOC Google Maps KML Display

TDOC Google Maps KML Display

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TDOC Facebook Display

Richard Townsend-rose
Last updated:
May 03 2024
1 month ago
Date added:
May 16 2021
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System