BK-Thumb is a multi-purpose image plugin for Joomla that can automatically create thumbnails and popups of the original images, as well as resize the full-size images or add a watermark to them. It can even scramble the images names so that people cannot guess their original non-watermark locations.

For articles shown in blog mode, it can create a link from the first image to the full article for better user navigation.

It can also create a simple photo gallery from any folder by just including one of the images from the folder and give it the description (alt text) "mt_gallery" (or using the new tagging feature).

See the examples and how-to's below for inspiration and instructions!

Please note that when you use BK-Thumb for the first time on a given page, the server has to process all the images which might take quite some time. The same applies when you clear BK-Thumb's cache.

For upgrade install a new version without uninstalling the previous one.

Release 2.5.0:
iLoad gallery
prettyPhoto slideshow
Image grouping for slideshow
Resizing images to user defined size
More watermarking control
Gallery image caption control
Leading images size

Release 2.4.3:
Shadowbox support was added.
thickbox no more supported.
prettyPhoto support was added.
Configuration for blogs and articles was separated.
Transparent color support was added.
Support image type of generated images was added.
IPTC Caption support was added.
Slimbox, prettyPhoto and ShadowBox full control was added.
Watermark article category parameter was added.
Bug fixing.

It works greatly!
Ease of use
In my site it was working with the images in my articles just after the plugin activation, without any manual setting!
I state that I use Multithumb. Lately I've noticed that Google does not index the images on my site.

After doing some tests I noticed that the images generated by Multithumb are automatically included in the directory / cache / multithumb_thumbs.

Native file locks the robot joomla / cache / directory, which is why the images are not detected. However, after unlocking the directory, google does not detect all uploaded images.

I asked for help to the development team, the support forum, but have not been able to solve the problem. I do not recommend the installation of this plugin.
Owner's reply: New version of the plugin creates images under image dir that is indexed by search engines.
This is absolutely freaking great plugin if you want to JUST have thumbnails with image pop-ups without any hassle with article-editors and so on.

In my case - i use XML-RPC for posting articles (via blog client) and mostly dont use Joomla back-end at all. I searched for plugin which can convert my images (usual and typical part of content i post) in thumbnails and most alternative plugins which i found here need either manual html tinkering (image classes, or interaction with editor or use of {plugin} syntax. Its all not very WYSISWYG nor XML-RPC friendly. With this i just, once, configure all parameters i need, set it up and...its JUST working. Moreover, its working (with little additional configuration) with Flexicontent, good alternative for standard content output, which, unfortunately, is weakly supported by plugin developers.

Thank You!


Posted on 09 March 2014
Finally, a plugin that works to have a blog with resized images and links to them.

thanks a lot!


Posted on 28 November 2013
Exactly what I needed to only display article's intro picture that is linked to full article. Searched for a long time for a extension like this.
Start using it for the very effective Watermark feature and ended using it for most of image manipulation.

Very well done job.

Very good extention

Posted on 06 May 2013
Very Useful extension ;)

But if you have many picture on page, you have long page and it's not good for designing ;)

Great support

Posted on 28 April 2013
Thank you very much for fast repair after Joomla 2.5.10 upgrade has arised.

I think it is the best solution for adjusting Joomla Images and links - Intro images, Full article images, which should be in core.

My recommendation: Please upgrade your download section, because anyone don´t read the forum to look for news.

best thumbnail for Joomla

Posted on 27 April 2013
I have been using all my sites from begging.When Marin Larsen dropped support this plugin I haven't even upgraded my Joomla to never releases.

Thanks to developer I have contacted with some small bugs he fixed it right away.

recommend anybody for any version Joomla install who is looking foe good plugin for creating images thumbs and slideshow.

Just excellent

Posted on 30 March 2013
I tried many extensions for managing my images and I finally tried this one. It is just excellent!

Easy to install, easy to configure, many options, and totally free.
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Version: (for 1.5) / 3.4.0 (for 1.6+)
Boris Komraz
Last updated:
Jul 10 2015
7 years ago
Date added:
Sep 12 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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