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CW-swiper is a Joomla® module which brings Swiperjs to Joomla. Swiperjs is a nice, versatile responsive image slider. This module enables you to utilize Swiperjs within your Joomla project with just a few clicks.

With CW-swiper you can select one or more image folders as source and have a nice slideshow, gallery or site-hero up and runnning within a few minutes. The CW-swiperXP plugin extends CW-swiper by an image manager, where you can select and organize single images and add captions to them. The plugin also comes with a whole host of ready to use presets, which makes it even easier to get going without having to configure every single parameter by hand. The presets are also a great starting point which then can easily be customised to fit your needs.

CW-swiper can be used several times within the same page without any conflicts and it is also suitable to be used within one of the many page-builders that are available for Joomla!

CW-swiper is the Joomla! 4 successor of our famous CW-fotorama module.

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Jobs & Recruitment
CW-hire is a set of Joomla® extensions to offer jobs on a web site. The main component consists of a job listing, a search filter, a detail view for jobs and an application form for each job. Visitors can search the list, read all the details about a job and send their application including attachments via email. Now compatible with Google® job search! CW-hire is now 100% Joomla 5 compatible, w...
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By CreateWeb
CW-files is a Joomla® module to Provide downloads. It's specialty are PDF documents, but it works perfectly for all kinds of downloads. Core features: Auto generate PDF preview of the title page (PHP ImageMagick required!) Download links hidden, suitable for paid downloads Optional view or download buttons for PDFs Easy to use Beautiful design Languages: English and German Joomla 4 ready CW-fil...


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Site Navigation
CW-imenu is a Joomla module that you can use to add a simple, elegant image menu in your website. It's main purpose is, to have some thumbnails with a title that are linked to any content within or outside your website. Main features: Link to existing menu entries or any given url. Optional caption text Optional 2nd mouse-over image Change image and show caption on mouse over. Works completely...
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Articles Display
CW-timeline is a Joomla® module to show beautiful timelines on your website. Show the world what you have accomplished over time. CW-timeline is ideal to showcase: Company history Project progress Personal achievements Construction stages Future projections Many more CW-timeline comes with a variety of different layouts to choose from and can be customised in many ways. CW-timeline is best s...


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Dec 15 2023
7 months ago
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Aug 23 2023
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System