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BF Tabbed Category is a simple yet powerful tool that displays selected categories as horizontal tabs, vertical tabs or accordion with options to show/hide subcategories and articles within the parent categories. This extension also includes a plugin that provides additional customisation options for individual categories and articles.

This tool is perfect for creating tabbed content and collapsible content (using accordion); and for displaying galleries, portfolios, product lists, news and article summaries.


  • 3 display types: Horizontal Tabs, Vertical Tabs and Accordion
  • 5 themes: Default, Blue, Green, Red and Dark
  • Layout: 3 default columns
  • Responsive layout
  • Module + Plugin
  • Fixed or auto width
  • Use multiple instances of the module in a single page
  • Use your own custom title for Categories, Sub-categories, Articles and Readmore text or completely hide the titles.
  • Set character limits for the main category intro text and sub-intro text.
  • Show/hide first-level categories, second-level sub-categories and articles. This option allows you to display only the categories or articles instead of displaying both.
  • Plugin allows you to further customise the display of individual category and article.
  • Easy to modify the theme css files to customise your own theme.
  • Ability to hide the categories/articles within the tabs even when they are globally published.
  • Separate text and image options for each category/article (provided by the plugin) if you don't want the core content to be used in this module.
BF Multi Content Display
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BF Multi Content Display

By Blue Fractals
Articles Display
BF Multi Content Display displays categories, featured articles and ordinary articles with Bootstrap responsive layout. This module is compatible with Bootstrap versions 2 and 3. Category and article customisation parameters are available within the module. This tool is perfect for creating category or article lists/grids, image gallery, portfolio, etc. Features: Display categories with introt...

BF Tabbed Category

Blue Fractals
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Nov 18 2014
9 years ago
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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