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CBSubs is a powerful, extremely flexible and field-proven paid subscriptions membership management solution for any Joomla website using Community Builder.

Add unlimited subscription plans, sell merchandise items and accept donation on your website.

Great solution for a broad range of e-commerce use case websites including (but not limited to): Traditional Membership clubs, Download clubs, Customer support sites, Training services, Online content subscriptions and combinations of these use cases.

Subscription plans support flexible plan durations (from minutes, days, weeks, months, years), grace periods, early renewals, maximum number of renewals allowed, concurrent subscriptions for same user, conditional upgrade proposals, etc. There are literally thousands of available features. There are also physical (configurable) calendar year plans for Traditional membership clubs.

Using the built-in content protection mechanism (no need to use Joomla ACL if you do not want to) to automatically protect any Joomla content element (single article, all articles in a given category, module appearance, menu item access, extension access) and require a subscription for access. CBSubs will even propose which available plan will unlock a given protected content item!

Built-in integrations with many key Joomla extensions like: Community Builder, GroupJive, AcyMailing, idevaffiliate, post affiliate pro. Also integrates well with Joomla ACL with any component implementing Joomla ACL, like alphauserpoints, Virtuemart, eventlist, jAwards, DOCman, etc. SQL and URL-parts integrations for Kunena, etc are also included.

CBSubs has multi-currency support with daily automated exchange rate synchronization and a built-in VAT tax system.

Single and auto-recurring payments are supported. Payment gateways include 18 options include: Paypal, Paypal Pro (Payflow Pro and Website Payments Pro), PayPal Advanced (Hosted Checkout), Stripe, TwoCheckout, Ogone, CCBill, WorldPay, AlertPay, CIC Credit Mutual, QuickPay, Moneris, eWay, TeleMoney EasyPay, offline and dummy (for testing).

CBSubs marketing tools help you create great automated or coupon-based promotions for your sales process and to define automated personalized mailings based on extremely flexible criteria conditions.

This is one of the most complete membership products available on the web as it is feature rich, has a great detailed manual with many detailed use cases and it is backed by excellent support.

CBSubs is a CB 2.9+ Plugin. installable through the CB Plugin manager, and fully compatible with Joomla 5.1.x, 5.0.x, 4.x, and 3.10.12+, PHP 7.4-8.3+ and MySQL 5.5-8.1+ (MariaDB 10.x+ - 11.x).

For support, please ask in our forums on either in the pre-sales forums, or in CBSubs GPL support forums.

Functionality is why I chose this extension. In combination with some of the add-ons, it's virtually unlimited what you can do and automate.
Ease of use
You have to know what you are doing when using any ecommerce solution. If you know what you need, it is actually very easy to setup.
Outstanding! I've been using this extension for years. They always get back to me within a few hours an solve my problems every single time.
Extensive documentation is available on the website. The documents are well organized and very detailed.
Value for money
Great Value! This Extension is a money making machine that doesn't sleep.
I used this to: I use this extension for an Online Education Website, and for the mobile apps (Android/iOS). Successfully in business for 16 months. It allows me to manipulate and automate ACL permissions which is one of the most powerful features of Joomla.
I have used this extension to manage paid memberships, to sell reoccurring services and products on a number of sites.
Ease of use
For basic memberships it is easy to configure, but developers and power users can setup complex scenarios.
The developers are responsive through the forums, providing answers and instructions as required.
Huge manual explaining the setup and features in detail, but I just watched the YouTube videos to learn how to do what I need.
Value for money
While the initial investment seemed like a lot, the functionality, support and features built into the extension make it a bargain.
I used this to: I build membership websites. I have tried most other paid membership extensions, but nothing integrates as well, has the options and features, or is as well supported as CBSubs. When you rely on an extension to earn money, you want one that is well supported.

No Joy

Posted on 22 May 2016
Promises much but does not work with the designer or organization. Forces owner to use its own framework instead.
Ease of use
Not easy, not intuitive.
Unknown - most CBSubs forums are ancient, especially those indicated in the documentation.
The Contents are not linked to content items. Inefficient and poor content organization. Missing internal links.
Value for money
Not a good bet.
I used this to: I was going to use it to manage memberships on a veteran's organization site. Am strongly inclined to return it for refund now.

Too complex for me ...

Posted on 23 January 2016
Seemed to do everything it promised it would do, but I found the user interface for customers a bit clunky and non-intuitive.
Ease of use
Very complex to set up, and I never got it working (uninstalled it). Be aware it is a big commitment in time to learn how to use this.
Probably excellent, but I unfortunately bought it and then only installed it after the three months support period was over so was on my own
One of the killers for me was that this comes with a 550+ page manual, and as a new user it was just all too much.
Value for money
I never got it working and it was very expensive (in Australian Dollars).
I used this to: I wanted to use it for a club membership software, but realised that it was just too complex for me to use, never mind anyone else to pick up and use if I left the club so looking for simpler software.
Awesoome. Cleanly and efficiently does everything as advertised
Ease of use
VERY easy to use. Just follow the very well-written documentation and your up and running in no time.
Joomlapolis support is quite simply best-of-breed. A joy to work with.
As noted above, CBSubs documentation is very well maintained, extremely well-written, and easy to follow.
Value for money
Trememdous value for the money. Highly recommend.
I used this to: Managing access to our online, subscription-based content. And we love CBSubs.

CB Subs is terrific!

Posted on 04 February 2015
Works great. A little complex for the novice, but has to be to provide the powerful options it does. The mailer saves us a lot of time.
Ease of use
The possibilities make it a little complex, but once you figure out the logic, it's not difficult to configure and use.
The documentation and forum provide the answers to most questions anyone would have. Helpful gurus on the forum provide the rest.
The documentation is thorough and well worth holding onto, but once you get it working, you don't have to do much to it.
Value for money
Outstanding value. With CB, CB Subs provides exactly what we needed for our paid membership site.
I used this to: My paid membership site, setting up renewals, managing payments.


Posted on 26 January 2013
Ok it is not often I review but this one is well earned. It's not often I purchase software and once again WOW this was 110% worth it. It was kind of pricey so it took me a while to actually make the purchase.

The installation was flawless, and I was making plans in no time. I took time to skim through the documentation but im not much of a reader so read what i felt important and kept it on hand. Everything is well labelled and it is pretty straight forward. I have tried used other membership solutions before and this one is pretty easy compared to some.

The back end is loaded with options that can be a little confronting at first but once I flicked through everything and played around on a test site first I was ready to try it for real.

Once again it was simple, my members have not had any complaints, along with community builder cbsubs has helped me to automate a few scripts that I used to have to manually setup by hand and upload to the server into self service instant access products.

I love the way it took control of the whole joomla site with out being in the way so I can lock down items by menu, component, module, article or even individual CB fields which I love. I can see so much hard work has gone into this project.

It did not seem to affect site load times in any way and the component it self so far seems incredibly fast.

Well done and i look forward to more integration options with more components.
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